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Chapter 1706 Different from Others

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Marsha mentioned Elisa for no reason other than the fact that she was enraged. Why was her son in
such a situation because of the accident? Why wasn&39;t Elisa hurt at all?

And Will&39;s protectiveness of Elisa.

As well as what Elisa said. Marsha wanted to see how effective Elisa&39;s prescribed medicine would be.

Ultimately, Marsha hadn&39;t reached her goal. It wasn&39;t easy for the mother and son&39;s relationship to
improve, but Elisa had ruined it again!

Will immediately sneered softly. &34;Mom, am I still an eight-year-old child to you? You&39;re only saying this
so I can go along with your arrangements and go for blind dates, right?&34;

Marsha didn&39;t think that Will had guessed her intentions.

Just as she was about to admit it, Will interrupted her. She saw him smile sarcastically. &34;Who do you
think will go on a blind date with me in my current state?&34;

No one except Jocelyn.

But Marsha didn&39;t like Jocelyn. She didn&39;t want Jocelyn to be her daughter-in-law at any cost.

Marsha was enraged when she thought about it. &34;Isn&39;t this all because of you? If you had listened to me
back then and weren&39;t so stubborn, would such a thing happen to you?&34;

&34;What are you waiting for if you don&39;t go on blind dates now? Besides, hasn&39;t Elisa promised you that
she will treat your leg?&34;

Will&39;s usual tone was more disdainful. &34;I thought you didn&39;t trust her, but you&39;re now saying this. Aren&39;t
you contradicting yourself?&34;

Marsha was immediately dumbstruck but didn&39;t want to admit her mistake. &34;I&39;m contradicting myself?
Isn&39;t it all because of you? In any case, do what you need to…&34;

&34;Do what I need to? Whether or not you pick on Elisa, I&39;m not with her. As for you, if you anger her, do
you think your son&39;s legs can still be treated?&34;

Will interrupted her with a sneer. After that, he rolled away in his wheelchair.

For a moment, Marsha was silent as she looked at Will&39;s leaving figure.

Even if she angered Elisa, Elisa wasn&39;t the only one in the world who had medical expertise!

Therefore, she found a famous doctor in Moranta for Will. Still, in the end, Elisa said that the renowned
doctor&39;s prescribed medicine would affect his legs. Now, Marsha no longer dared to give Will the


If Elisa had the nerve not to treat Will&39;s legs, she would send Elisa to prison!

A sneer streaked across Marsha&39;s lips when she thought about it.

Shortly after Will left, he received a prescription from Elisa. She also made a note of things he should
pay attention to.

Will glanced at it indifferently before immediately calling Elisa.

At that moment, Elisa was on the way back.

When she saw his cell phone number flickering on her screen, she immediately answered it. &34;Can you
understand my prescription?&34;

She acknowledged that her prescribed medicine was different from others.

Will denied it. &34;No. I called because of my mom. Elisa, don&39;t take to heart what she said. She&39;s just…&34;

He was apologizing for Marsha&39;s words and thoughts. Marsha utterly looked down on Elisa, and Elisa
was well aware.

Therefore, Elisa was only angry at that moment. Her rage subsided when she thought about what had
caused everything.

She told Will, &34;You didn&39;t have to call and explain. I understand.&34;

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