Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1705 Let Her Go

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&34;It&39;s because you want him to fall in love with you!&34;

Elisa laughed lightly. She looked at Marsha and said slightly sarcastically, &34;Love? Is love fundamental?&34;

Marsha was exhausted and enraged. &34;If it&39;s not important, would you do such a thing? Stop pretending,
Elisa Benett!&34;

Marsha pointed at Elisa&39;s nose. Her gaze was hateful and frightful.

Elisa laughed in rage. &34;Why should I pretend? Is it a crime to be divorced? Mrs. Darcey, you&39;re also a
woman. If you&39;re in my current situation, how would you feel if I chided you like that? Would you feel

Elisa was contrasting the situation and hoped that Marsha could understand it. After all, Marsha was
Will&39;s mother. Elisa didn&39;t want to contend with Marsha too much.

However, her words didn&39;t help Marsha accept or understand her.

Marsha&39;s black eyes and sharp gaze landed on Elisa. She wanted to hack Elisa to pieces!

Marsha rebuked Elisa furiously. &34;My son wouldn&39;t be in this state if it weren&39;t for you, Elisa Benett! I said
what I said. I won&39;t change my mind. Dream on!&34;

Marsha thought Elisa wanted to strengthen her relationship with Will.

Especially now that her son particularly favored and trusted Elisa.

Marsha had to stop them. She couldn&39;t let their relationship develop further.

Elisa was amused and annoyed when she heard what Marsha said.

Marsha was being extremely stubborn.

Elisa couldn&39;t be bothered to start any argument. &34;Think whatever you like. I&39;m swamped. I&39;ll be

After that, Elisa turned to leave.

But she had just taken two steps when Marsha grabbed her wrist. &34;You&39;re messing with me, Elisa. You
want to leave now?&34;

Elisa immediately felt frustrated.

But she heard Will&39;s cold and deep voice in her ears. &34;Mom, can you not be like this and let her go?&34;

They saw Will coming toward them in his wheelchair.

Elisa&39;s heart immediately sank when she saw Will in the wheelchair. She felt disheartened and upset.

The Darcey and Wickam families were similar in strength. Will wasn&39;t inferior to Gareth. Will used to be

high-spirited in the past, but he now had to be in a wheelchair. His pale expression was tinged by

Everything had happened because of her…

Marsha was immediately enraged when she saw Will still defending Elisa. &34;Will, are you still going to let
this culprit go? Did you not hear…&34;

&34;Let her go.&34;

Will roared furiously before Marsha could finish speaking.

At that moment, Will had an icy and fierce expression.

Elisa couldn&39;t bear to watch the mother and son start arguing because of her. Still, she thought there
would be more conflict if she obeyed Marsha&39;s wishes and stayed.

Before she left, she spoke nicely to express her sincerity.

Elisa said, &34;Mrs. Darcey, I understand your feelings, but I can bring Will back from the brink of death. I
was aiming for this when I saved his legs back then. You must believe me. I&39;m distraught that an
accident happened, but I keep my word. I&39;ll save his legs and keep him healthy.&34;

&34;I&39;ll send you the prescription in a while. Prescribe the medicine according to it. I&39;ll come and give you a
massage every two days. I&39;ll be leaving for today.&34;

After that, Elisa nodded at Marsha before leaving the Darcey Residence.

When she left, Marsha made her stance clear. &34;Will Darcey, if you don&39;t want me to continue treating
Elisa like this, you better listen to me!&34;

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