Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1703 Awfully Unfair

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Will&39;s brows wrinkled slightly, and he didn&39;t say anything. His gaze showed that he disagreed, but Elisa
had a confident smile on the corners of her lips, so he trusted her.

Ultimately, Will let go of her wrist.

Elisa saw that Marsha was done putting her shoes on, so she quickly walked over. She wore her shoes
and left at once. She saw that Marsha was about to enter the car and immediately called, &34;Mrs.

Marsha&39;s brows furrowed. She stood at the spot and didn&39;t move.

Since Will hadn&39;t come out, she could speak to Elisa.

She stood where she was and looked at Elisa coldly.

Elisa said softly, &34;Why don&39;t we go for a walk?&34;

Marsha didn&39;t say anything, but her silence meant consent.

The two walked to the courtyard.

This was a villa in the high mountains. Everything around it also belonged to the Darcey family. The two
slowly walked around the edges of the estate.

Marsha seemed to have suppressed her rage. She turned to look at the woman beside her and said in
a low voice, &34;Tell me. What do you want to say to me?&34;

Elisa glanced at Marsha before looking ahead. &34;Do you know what the consequences will be if Will&39;s
cough persists?&34;

Marsha&39;s heart shivered. For an instant, she had an intense bad premonition.

She didn&39;t say anything but glared straight at Elisa instead, waiting for Elisa to continue speaking.

Elisa&39;s lips twitched. &34;He will stay in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and won&39;t be able to stand up.&34;

Marsha&39;s expression changed completely. &34;Nonsense! Even if the doctor I found is not as good as you,
he&39;s one of the finest. How can his medicine turn my son half paralyzed?!&34;

Elisa turned to look at Marsha, who had a sharp gaze. Elisa remained unmoved as she said, &34;Will&39;s
condition at the time was unique. I used many different methods to save him. Why didn&39;t anyone else
dare to touch his leg? It&39;s because they had never thought of this step. Even if they did, they didn&39;t dare
to do it because he would have been disabled if they weren&39;t careful. The doctor you found can only
see his current situation. He doesn&39;t know what Will was like when I previously treated Will. The doctor
didn&39;t take the time to find out, and he&39;s treating Will as though Will is recovering and recuperating
normally. Do you think he&39;ll prescribe the right medicine?&34;

Elisa had used many ways to save Will&39;s legs when treating him.

Marsha&39;s expression turned nasty, but she was so dazed that she couldn&39;t speak.

Because she didn&39;t understand. Elisa didn&39;t go too much in detail because Marsha wasn&39;t a medical
professional, so it was pointless to say so much.

Now, Marsha didn&39;t quite dare to risk it after what Elisa had said.

Elisa said calmly, &34;I know you love and care for your son very much, so I won&39;t string him along. I won&39;t
get together with him. Isn&39;t this what you&39;re afraid of?&34;

&34;That&39;s not the only thing I&39;m afraid of! I&39;m more afraid that he likes you! Although my son is rumored to
have been a womanizer for many years, I know he has never gotten along with any woman other than

Will was similar to his father in this aspect. If he really fell in love with someone, he would be loyal for
the rest of his life!

When Marsha had left for so many years, her husband supported her fully. He didn&39;t look for anyone
else and allowed her to make a name for herself. She didn&39;t know how much feelings Will had for Elisa.
If he loved Elisa deeply, it would be awfully unfair to him!

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