Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1704 Marsha's Disbelief

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&34;Elisa.&34; Marsha took a deep breath and restrained her feelings. When she looked at Elisa again, she
had completely calmed down. She said serenely, &34;I don&39;t know how much feelings my son has for you.
I&39;m most afraid that he can&39;t live without you. Do you know he won&39;t fall for anyone else when he falls in
love? He&39;s very similar to his father in this aspect. Identical!&34;

Elisa&39;s gaze froze. She pursed her lips. At that moment, she didn&39;t know what to say.

&34;I beg you, stop stringing my son along!&34; Marsha suddenly used the word &39;beg.&39;

Elisa suddenly had a complicated expression.

Will had approached her in the past to make use of her. She had accepted it at the time because she
and Will were taking advantage of each other.

But after that, Will suddenly thought of marrying her. Perhaps it was to provoke Gareth at the time, or
maybe he wanted to keep her by his side because she was of use to him.

She didn&39;t know when it had started, but Will seemed more serious after that.

Maybe he was already serious about her when she doubted if he had other motives. Or perhaps it was
some other time…

Marsha couldn&39;t help but sigh. &34;My son is outstanding. To me, no one is worthy of him. He&39;s naturally
indifferent and has never valued love. I was slightly gratified back then because he was still young, so
he didn&39;t have to rush. But now, he&39;s fallen for you.&34;

As Marsha spoke, she couldn&39;t help but sigh. She was filled with uncontrollable despair.

Elisa&39;s gaze flickered, and she finally spoke. &34;After I treat Will back to health, I will choose to back away
and leave him forever, but not now.&34;

Marsha&39;s brows wrinkled tightly. She stared at Elisa. &34;Can&39;t you direct from behind the scenes and let
another doctor replace you?!&34;

&34;No. I must look at all of Will&39;s symptoms together. I need to personally feel his pulse.&34; Elisa still
persisted. She wouldn&39;t back down since this was about Will.

Will wouldn&39;t be in such a state if it were not for her.

&34;I must save his legs. I won&39;t let him stay like this forever. Mrs. Darcey, no matter what, I must
personally treat him! After that, I promise I won&39;t interact with him too much.&34; Every word Elisa said was
earnest and sincere.

Marsha had a complicated expression.

Because she never imagined that her son would be in such a terrible situation.

His legs were safe, but he was in such a state as he was recuperating…

She took a slight breath and didn&39;t say anything.

Elisa looked at her and said softly, &34;Isn&39;t everything else secondary compared to his health?&34;

Marsha had a complex expression.

She looked at Elisa. Why is Elisa so outstanding? Why is Elisa the only one who can manage Will&39;s
condition? She didn&39;t know if she should believe Elisa now.

Elisa seemed to read Marsha&39;s thoughts. She said apathetically, &34;There&39;s no need for me to deceive
you. Will is indeed in a terrible situation. Furthermore, if I wanted to be with Will, I would have accepted
his feelings when he only cared about profit and wanted to make use of me. Why would I have waited
until now? What&39;s the point?&34;

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