Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1689 Swift and Decisive

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With Elisa and Rachel in the room, Linda realized she couldn&39;t just leave them abruptly.

She took a deep breath, attempting to restrain her emotions. At the same time, a conversation between
Rachel and Elisa caught the attention of a passing nurse.

The nurse, a middle-aged woman with a no-nonsense demeanor, turned her gaze towards Rachel and
Elisa. Her eyes scanned them briefly before she said, &34;Can I help you?&34;.

Rachel swiftly straightened her posture and replied confidently, her voice steady, &34;I&39;m here for a check-
up,&34; she responded.

&34;What kind of check-up?&34; The nurse asked out of habit, but Rachel&39;s swift reply caught her off guard. &34;I
want to find out if I&39;m pregnant.&34;

The nurse couldn&39;t believe her ears and found herself chuckling unintentionally. &34;Miss, if you want to
find out whether you&39;re pregnant, you should buy a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy. Pregnancy
checks aren&39;t conducted in the emergency department. You&39;ll find the outpatient registration area if you
turn left and go straight for a bit.&34;

Rachel felt a twinge of frustration but maintained her composure, knowing that her next words were
crucial to avoid raising Linda&39;s suspicions.

Thinking on her feet, she explained to the nurse, &34;I&39;m concerned that the test kits in the pharmacy might
not be accurate. I apologize for not knowing that pregnancy checks aren&39;t performed in the emergency
department. Still, I&39;ve already paid for the registration. Can we just proceed with the pregnancy check

Rachel had gone to great lengths to lure Linda to the hospital, and Elisa felt embarrassed.

Rachel&39;s eagerness to help had clouded her judgment, neglecting common sense. As someone
knowledgeable in medicine, Elisa was well aware of hospital protocols but had yet to advise Rachel in

The nurse regarded Rachel with disbelief and impatience, but Rachel endured the judgment. &34;Since I
have already paid, please direct me to the doctor&39;s office? I would like to proceed there.&34;

The nurse pointed in a direction, eager for Rachel to leave.

Little did they know that the attending physician that day would be Jeremy, a close friend of Gareth and

Rachel&39;s heart sank. Oh no! Why does it have to be him?

Even Elisa seemed taken aback.

Jeremy, upon spotting the two women, also showed a brief moment of astonishment before quickly
regaining his composure.

Adopting an official tone, he inquired, &34;What seems to be the issue?&34;

&34;I... I believe I might be pregnant. Please provide me with a prescription for the necessary tests. If I&39;m
indeed pregnant, I want Vincent to take responsibility for me and the baby,&34; Rachel exclaimed,
slamming her hand on the table in frustration.

In truth, she regretted her impulsive decision. If she had known Jeremy would be on duty that day, she
wouldn&39;t have resorted to this excuse. But now that Elisa was by her side, she had to proceed with her
plan to avoid revealing her true motives.

Jeremy&39;s eyebrows shot up in surprise, momentarily caught off guard by Rachel&39;s words. He had never
been involved in Vincent&39;s personal affairs nor intended to pay much attention to it. But such big news
of Vincent getting someone pregnant left him speechless. And not to say that such a request for a
pregnancy test in the emergency department was a first in his many years of practice.

Sensing the need to press on, Rachel urged him, &34;Please hurry and provide me with the prescription. I
need to know the answer as soon as possible!&34;

Considering Vincent&39;s reputation, Jeremy reluctantly wrote a prescription for her. Elisa accompanied
Rachel for the examination while Linda quickly found an excuse to leave. &34;Elisa, I&39;m feeling a bit unwell
in my stomach. You should go with your friend for the check-up. I&39;ll take care of things here and find
you as soon as I&39;m done.&34;

Had Linda not heard her father&39;s name, she could have continued as if nothing had happened. But now
that she knew, she couldn&39;t simply ignore the situation. It had to be resolved swiftly.

Elisa nodded and kindly said, &34;Alright, you should go quickly. If you&39;re not feeling well, you can register
and see a doctor while at the hospital.&34;

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