Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1688 Coincidence

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&34;Lis, what brings you here?&34;

Linda&39;s response confirmed her expectations, and she smiled, &34;I&39;ve been back for a while now. No
worries, I&39;ll be quick. I&39;ll send you the address, so come over soon.&34;

Elisa promptly shared her location with Linda.

Elisa and Rachel then devised a plan to deal with the hospital discreetly.

She exchanged a sturdy look at Rachel, who reassured her and said, &34;Why bother finding someone
else? I&39;m right here! We can easily devise a reason or excuse in no time.&34;

She froze upon hearing the phrase &34;in no time.&34;

She said bluntly, &34;Using minor illnesses as an excuse definitely won&39;t work.&34;

&34;Where there&39;s a will, there&39;s a way,&34; Rachel chuckled and teased Elisa.

Soon after Linda&39;s arrival, Elisa and Rachel welcomed her to join them at the table. However, Rachel&39;s
meal was interrupted as she suddenly covered her mouth and backed away from the table.

Feigning an alarmed appearance, Elisa asked with concern, &34;Rachel, what&39;s wrong? Did something
you eat make you feel sick?&34;

Rachel tugged on Elisa&39;s sleeves, her beady pupils communicating her thoughts.

Just as she was about to fetch water for Rachel, a sudden thought flashed through her mind.

Rachel&39;s face lost all color as if she was struck by a sudden illness.

&34;F***! Ever since I came back with Vincent, I&39;ve been feeling off. Elisa, can you come with me to the
hospital later? I want to get checked out.&34;

Pretending to be overwhelmed by the news, Elisa stood frozen on the spot.

Rachel&39;s so good at acting that there&39;s no way anyone would be able to tell it&39;s all a setup!

Rachel finally pulled her out of her intruding thoughts when she said, &34;Lis, what&39;s wrong? I&39;m mature
enough, and with Vincent&39;s wealth, having a child is normal, right?&34;

Convincing Linda would be an easy task in Vincent&39;s absence.

Linda swiftly suggested, &34;Well, what are you waiting for? Let&39;s go to the hospital if you&39;re feeling
unwell!&34; Even though Linda and Rachel had only met each once before, she knew she could not just
stand aside when considering the possibility of Rachel&39;s pregnancy.

Elisa and Rachel smirked and exchanged glances upon hearing Linda&39;s words. It was precisely what
they had planned.

They wasted no time and went directly to the emergency room where Norman was being treated.

Rachel playfully approached the triage desk, pretending to be clueless, and inquired about the nurse&39;s
notes. She then turned to Elisa, feigning surprise, and exclaimed, &34;Elisa, your Uncle Norman seems to

be in some kind of emergency!&34;

&34;No way, it could just be a coincidence. And you know our relationship well; I wouldn&39;t care even if he
were to die before me,&34; Elisa responded playfully.

Elisa and Rachel deliberately spoke loudly so they could be overheard by Linda.

And the very target of their words, Linda, who stood behind them, felt her heart sink.

She wanted to confirm if the person mentioned was her father, but her current identity held her back.

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