Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1687 What's the Truth?

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&34;Hello, are you a relative of Norman Benett? We are calling from the City People&39;s Hospital, and I
wanted to inform you that...&34;

&34;No, I am not.&34;

Elisa didn&39;t bother to listen further and scoffed about receiving a call regarding Norman Benett&39;s

The caller persisted before she could hang up, &34;However, you are listed as his first emergency contact.
Aren&39;t you Elisa Benett? He is currently unconscious in the hospital. We kindly request your presence
to complete the necessary paperwork and settle the outstanding expenses.&34;

She stopped in her tracks, and her face blanched. An involuntary disgruntled noise escaped her lips.

Elisa found it absurd that the hospital expected her to care for Norman and pay his expenses.

She couldn&39;t care less if he died.

However, the caller hung up before she could respond.

Elisa found it amusing, but Rachel noticed her expression and asked, &34;Elisa, who called you? What&39;s
with that look on your face?&34;

Elisa responded, &34;It was a call from the hospital, informing me that Norman had an incident and is
currently hospitalized. They requested my presence to handle the paperwork and settle the expenses. I
couldn&39;t care less if he died. What&39;s strange is that I&39;m listed as his first contact on his phone.&34;

Elisa cynically recounted the incident to Rachel, but as she reached the end, a sudden realization
struck her.

Why would Norman list her as the emergency contact if he wanted her dead?

Is there a motive behind all of this?

Meanwhile, Rachel sneered and snapped, &34;Why bother with Norman? We wanted him dead in the first
place. His current situation is just karma catching up with him. Let&39;s not get involved. Let him die there.
Besides, doesn&39;t he have a daughter? I refuse to believe he didn&39;t save Linda&39;s new contact
information. There&39;s definitely something fishy going on!&34;

&34;Mhm,&34; Elisa muttered in response, agreeing with Rachel&39;s suspicions. She was, indeed, her best
friend who understood her thoughts well.

&34;Should we go and check it out first?&34; Elisa asked.

However, Rachel swiftly placed her hand on Elisa&39;s shoulder, pulling her close. &34;Let&39;s eat first. We&39;ll call
Linda and Melinda to join us.&34;

Rachel&39;s suggestion definitely piqued Elisa&39;s interest.

Elisa browsed the menu as she dialed Linda&39;s number.

Linda was engrossed in reviewing reports and the details of an upcoming contract.

Despite her new identity, she had a mission to fulfill. Mrs. Garner&39;s high standards and her tasks left no
room for negligence.

Elisa&39;s phone call gave Melinda a surprise.

She and Gareth were supposed to be in Foris City.

Linda hesitated before answering the call. She said nervously, &34;Elisa, is there something you need? I&39;m

Elisa had the speakerphone on, and Rachel almost spit out her water upon hearing Linda&39;s fake and
high-pitched voice.

&34;I&39;m back from Foris City. Want to join me for a meal? You said you needed my help. Come over. And
once I finish my tasks, we&39;ll go to the Darcey&39;s to meet Will.&34;

Linda was likely to be enticed by this phone call, especially given Darcey&39;s support of her project and
her animosity towards Elisa.

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