Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1686 The Urgency

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Elisa remained assertive.

Noticing Elisa&39;s growing displeasure, she hastily smiled, attempting to divert the topic. &34;I thought you
two had returned together, so I asked him to pass the phone so I could speak to you. Elisa, are you
planning to come over today? We had quite a scene that Grandma can&39;t stop talking about.&34;

Julia had a scheme in mind to play the matchmaker between Elisa and Gareth.

Elisa stood her ground and firmly declined, &34;Grandma, my company is bustling. None of us wants a
repeat of what happened. When I have some free time, I will come to visit you. Please remember to
take your medication on time. Contact me if you need more.&34;

Without waiting for Julia&39;s response, Elisa handed the phone directly to Gareth.

She turned and walked away, exiting the corridor, where she immediately spotted Rachel waving at her.

Elisa&39;s somber mood eased upon seeing Rachel.

Meanwhile, Gareth was being reprimanded.

&34;You, just look at yourself. It hasn&39;t even been a few days since the wedding became a farce. Can&39;t you
find solutions to other matters? You have always claimed to be exceptional since you were young, and
you are even at the top of the industry. Yet this foolishness of yours is truly pushing me to the brink!&34;
Julia scolded vehemently while forcefully tapping her cane on the ground.

She had exhausted all possible solutions and said everything she needed to say.

This wretched boy is a huge disappointment.

Gareth listened attentively as Julia critiqued him without uttering a word in response.

Julia was still not appeased and was about to yap on with her chidings when Darren interjected,
&34;Enough already! We advised him not to divorce, but he didn&39;t listen. Now that the marriage is over, if
Elisa still intended to reconcile, why hasn&39;t she done so after all this time?&34;

Darren had been instrumental in facilitating the marriage. Elisa, now in charge of Benett Corporation
amidst the recent debacles, faced intense scrutiny regarding her actions.

Darren and Julia&39;s hopes for reconciliation were slowly fading.

Julia glared at Darren and yelled, &34;So, you&39;re suggesting they break up? You approved this marriage in
the first place!&34;

Julia berated Darren while clutching her cane. She hung up the phone angrily.

Darren&39;s face turned dark as he stated the truth, but Julia remained reproachful.

His displeasure grew when he responded with a hint of ire, &34;Yes, it was my idea. He was already an
adult then, and Benett Corporation was equally powerful. Isn&39;t a strong alliance beneficial? Who could
have anticipated your wretched grandson&39;s lack of ambition? It has been three years, and not only has
he failed to have a child, but now this? You are chasing a lost cause!&34;

Monica, who was upstairs preparing to descend, couldn&39;t help but be startled upon hearing those

Monica was surprised that Darren was informed of the current affairs and realized that Gareth&39;s pursuit
was futile and unattainable.

Regardless, she was determined to have a serious conversation with Gareth.

As for Elisa...

Rachel made a special effort to pick up Elisa, promising a carefree outing of indulgence.

An unknown landline number came through, despite having her phone set to block anonymous calls.

She hesitantly answered and was met with a stern female voice on the other end.

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