Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1684 We're Also Easily Comforted

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Soon after, Elisa&39;s gaze shifted to an air stewardess.

She waved at the air stewardess, who greeted her with a kind and warm smile. &34;Hello, miss. Can I help
you with anything?&34;

&34;Hi, can you help me to move to a different seat?&34;

Elisa requested to switch her seat.

She felt deeply uncomfortable being near Gareth after his upsetting words. It didn&39;t seem appropriate to
be sitting next to him after pronouncing her firm resolve.

They were both sitting in first class, but few seats were left in the first-class section. The air stewardess
was in a difficult position because she couldn&39;t fulfill Elisa&39;s request. &34;I&39;m so sorry, miss, but there aren&39;t
many seats left in first class, and the other passengers might not be happy to switch seats. The flight to
Bayswe is only an hour and fifteen minutes long, so I hope you can understand. We&39;ll be there before
you know it.&34;

To his surprise, the lady greeted him as soon as she sat down.

&34;Mr. Wickam, it&39;s good to see you here,&34; she greeted warmly.

Gareth wasn&39;t paying attention to her and wasn&39;t in the mood to interact with a stranger, but her voice
sounded familiar. Suddenly, the lady took off her sunglasses and said, &34;Mr. Wickam, do you remember
me? Our partnership had just begun recently.&34;

When he heard the word &34;partnership,&34; he finally turned to look at the lady.

Gareth recognized her the moment he saw her.

She was his new client, Jasmine Reed, the woman he had sent to the hospital the other day.

Gareth nodded at her.

&34;Mr. Wickam, did you have a fight with your wife?&34; Jasmine asked suddenly, spurring him out of his

It wasn&39;t unexpected that she had known about Gareth and Elisa&39;s relationship.

After all, the news of him and Elisa had been spreading like wildfire throughout Bayswe.

Jasmine&39;s eyes glittered with curiosity as she probed Gareth, but a scornful expression painted his
features when he heard her question. &34;Women get easily angered,&34; she continued, &34;but we&39;re also
easily comforted.&34; She spoke over him before he could get a word in.

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