Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1685 Admiration

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As Jasmine spoke, she carefully observed Gareth.

When he turned his gaze towards her, her heart skipped a beat. Her words had intrigued Gareth.

She smirked with contentment.

Gareth looked at her and asked indifferently, &34;Ms. Reed, do you have any other suggestions?&34;

Gareth&39;s eyes remained fixed on her as he posed the question.

At the same time, he quickly glanced toward Elisa.

However, Elisa had already put on an eye mask.

The colors drained from his face as he took on an ominous shade.

His intention dissipated instantly, and Jasmine was left exasperated.

Her hopes of getting closer to Gareth vanished in an instant.

Gareth&39;s quickly snapped, &34;Save your advice.&34;

As the words fell, Gareth turned around with a magazine in his hand.

Jasmine did not say anything further.

After all, she was the company&39;s boss, and she wouldn&39;t do anything that would compromise her

The plane will be landing in Bayswe in two hours.

Gareth caught up with Elisa as soon as she stood up to leave.

&34;Are you heading to the office or somewhere else? I will give you a ride,&34; he offered.

Gareth&39;s attitude towards Elisa was unusually positive.

Jasmine couldn&39;t help but notice how surprisingly patronizing Gareth could be.

At that moment, she found herself envious of Elisa&39;s presence.

Gareth had an irresistible charm, and from their first encounter since she had discovered this allure,
she had an involuntary urge to draw closer to him.

Elisa respected Gareth in front of the crowd and didn&39;t dismiss him entirely. &34;I&39;m going to the office, but
it&39;s not on your route,&34; she replied.

However, Gareth persisted. &34;Let&39;s go to your company first. We can discuss potential collaboration.
Your business needs to attract new customers.&34;

Benett Corporation is a well-established company in Bayswe City. Despite some internal issues, it
remains resilient.

Currently, the company does not require active customer acquisition efforts.

&34;No need. I already have a partnership. Mr. Wickham, you should attend to your affairs,&34; Elisa said

Gareth&39;s lips tightened, feeling a pang of discomfort from her words.

His whole attention was now devoted to Elisa, and if he couldn&39;t bring her back into his fold, everything
else would seem pointless.

Gareth&39;s phone suddenly rang just as he was about to speak.

His eyes paused briefly on the name reflected on the screen before he picked up the phone.

Shortly after, a deep sigh emanated from the other end of the line.

&34;Oh, my grandson, I&39;ve also heard about the situation over there. I can&39;t believe the wedding turned into
such a debacle. How is Elisa doing? Pass the phone to her so Grandma can converse with her.&34;

Julia glanced at the clock. They had just landed, probably together, she thought.

&34;It&39;s Grandma,&34; Gareth uttered. As he handed the phone to Elisa, she remained silent, gazing at it.

Julia&39;s schemes resurfaced as Rachel&39;s words echoed in Elisa&39;s mind.

Realizing she wouldn&39;t continue to be controlled by the Wickhams, she calmly addressed Julia,

&34;Grandma, if you need to reach me, please call directly. Gareth and I can&39;t be together all the time. He
has his responsibilities, and I have my life.&34;

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