Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1682 Unprecedented

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A crisp, loud voice pierced through the crowd, interrupting Luke&39;s outburst.

&34;I was the one who asked them to play the video. Do you have any problem with that?&34;

The guests all turned to look at Bella, who was elegantly dressed in a white wedding dress.

However, the occasion was no longer a wedding. It seemed more like a funeral.

Everyone at the wedding stared at the original bride of the day, their eyes widening and their mouths
slightly agape.

The bride was the one who had caught them in the act of their despicable deeds.

Bella sneered at Luke, &34;You got to experience your doomsday before me. Do you like the wedding gift I
prepared for you?&34;

Her eyes bored holes into his, her voice unyielding. She was fearless and bold, her figure sparking awe
in the spectators.

Luke&39;s eyes were blazing with anger. He was at his wit&39;s end, and he glared at her, yelling, &34;What do
you mean?&34;

Bella&39;s laughter was like ice as she looked at Luke and Isla. &34;I have no ill intentions,&34; she said, her
voice dripping with sarcasm. &34;I only hope that everyone here will witness this pair of good-for-nothings
for who they truly are. Luke, you only approached me for my wealth. Isla, I treated you as my best
friend, but you and your brother were always scheming behind my back. From now on, I won&39;t let you

off the hook for everything you&39;ve done.&34;
A crisp, loud voice pierced through the crowd, interrupting Luke&39;s outburst.

Luke&39;s cheeks burned with shame. He couldn&39;t believe that the kind and patient Bella he knew would
raise her voice at him.

Isla&39;s heart pounded in her chest, and she felt lightheaded.

She had been embezzling the company&39;s funds with Keith for a long time.

If Bella exposed everything, they would both go to jail.

Luke knew he was cornered. He couldn&39;t defend himself against Bella&39;s accusations, no matter how
hard he tried. The veins on his neck pulsed as he accused her of editing the video on purpose. &34;You&39;re
just trying to ruin my reputation!&34; he blurted out in fury. &34;You&39;ve lost interest in me because you think I&39;m
poor and not good enough for you. You&39;ve found someone else, haven&39;t you?&34;

Luke babbled mindlessly, desperate to find a way out of this situation. His eyes darted around the
crowd until they landed on Gareth, who stood out from the others.

He pointed at Gareth, his voice cold as ice. &34;It&39;s him, isn&39;t it? You have to be lying about him being your
cousin. Who knows what kind of relationship you two have!&34;

Bella was speechless, stunned by his groundless accusation.

At that moment, she finally understood what kind of man he was. His past image had been nothing
more than an act to fool her.

She also experienced how torturous it was for her to be the one to face this alone.


Her tears were welling up in her eyes, but she blinked them away. It will be over soon!

Bella stood tall and firm. &34;First, I have Keith&39;s recording. It will be one of the pieces of evidence
presented in court. Second, a professional will examine the video to determine if it has been edited.
Finally, Luke and Isla, I will be suing you both,&34; she boomed in an assertive voice.

As soon as she finished her sentence, the police arrived at the scene.

The guests&39; eyes all widened in astonishment and bafflement. The wedding today was like a scene out
of a soap opera.

Resentment and rage gripped his heart as he yelled, &34;You have no right to arrest me! I&39;m the victim!&34;


Before he could explain further, the police had already handcuffed him and Isla. &34;We have the
evidence,&34; they announced. &34;We need you both to come with us.&34;

&34;No! Let me go!&34; he shouted, his voice ringing through the air.

Luke struggled to break free, but his efforts were in vain. The police dragged him away as he continued
to shout and protest.

After they were taken away…

An unexpected event happened.

Bella burst into tears as she tried to calm the crowd down. Despite the eventful day, they had to keep
their thoughts buried until the end of the event.

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