Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1677 Did She Really Know Him as Well as She Thought She Did?

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Gareth immediately kicked open the door.

The suited man was on the verge of taking off his pants when he noticed the man enter the room. His
eyes widened in shock as they stared at each other in disbelief.

He didn&39;t know what to do.

Elisa&39;s view was blocked by Gareth. He didn&39;t let her enter the room.

&34;I&39;ll give you three seconds to put on your pants. Or else…&34;

The man didn&39;t complete his sentence, but the suited man was already trembling in fear. He knew he
wouldn&39;t be able to live to see another day if he didn&39;t put it on quickly.

He swiftly pulled up his pants, breaking into a cold sweat.

After he was done, Gareth walked into the room, followed by Elisa behind him.

She ignored the suited man and walked straight to Bella.

They came in with a loud thud, but Bella was still unconscious on the bed.

Evidently, she had been drugged.

And it had to be done by Luke.

A searing flame stirred within Elisa, but she kept her anger in check. She calmly checked Bella&39;s pulse
and inserted a few needles into her acupuncture points.

The drug slowly began to wear off.

Within five minutes, Bella started to regain consciousness.

The suited man&39;s eyes went wide with fear and surprise, and the color drained from his face.

When Bella got up, she was confused. She looked around and saw Elisa standing in front of her.
&34;Gareth? Josie? What are you all doing here?&34; she asked, her eyebrows shifting in confusion.

As she spoke, she realized that something was wrong. &34;Where am I? Why am I here? Where&39;s Luke?&34;
she asked.

Elisa didn&39;t respond to any of her questions. Instead, she shifted her gaze away and fixed her eyes on
someone standing not far away from them.

As she followed her gaze, Bella noticed a man with messy attire—his face flashed with guilt and
shame. He was Isla&39;s brother, Keith.

The man didn&39;t dare to look at her.

Bella&39;s forehead creased, and her eyes grew cold with indignation. A shiver ran down her spine when
she finally connected the dots.

She had found herself lying unconscious in this room, and Luke was nowhere to be seen. Moreover,
there was a half-naked man in the room.

Bella was not a protected or naive young woman. Instead, she had taken on the big responsibility of
managing the company at a young age.

Bella immediately understood what was happening. She knew this was a malicious and petty attempt
to blackmail her.

However, she didn&39;t have the slightest clue why anyone would do this to her.

Perhaps she didn&39;t want to know the reason.

&34;Where is Luke?&34; Bella asked calmly, her voice as cold as ice.

Her voice had always been sweet and delightful whenever she mentioned Luke, but now it was devoid
of emotion.

She was keeping all of her personal feelings aside to face this matter head-on.

Elisa glanced at Gareth, but he remained silent.

He didn&39;t want to get involved in matters that didn&39;t concern him.

After all, he was only here because of Julia. Bella was raised by Julia when she was younger.

Nonetheless, he couldn&39;t stay out of this any longer. Grandma would be heartbroken if she knew he
didn&39;t help Bella.

Elisa looked away and responded, &34;They are in the next room.&34;

&34;They?&34; Bella stared at her in incredulity.

Elisa nodded, her eyes dark with worry.

Bella needed to see for herself what was happening.

She felt a surge of uneasiness creeping all over her body. Her face was pale, and her fists were
clenched tightly. Her nails dug into her palms, leaving red marks on them.

A whirlwind of thoughts crossed her mind, conflicting voices trying to overpower the other.

She wanted to believe Luke. They had been together for so long, and she knew him better than anyone

But then there were all those doubts. Did she really know him as well as she thought she did?

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