Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1676 Don't You Like Your Men a Little Naughty?

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Is Isla taking that man to Bella in the middle of the night? She must be up to no good.

Elisa had a feeling that something was wrong, so she darted out to follow them. Suddenly, she was
yanked back by the arm.

Her eyes bulged out of their sockets in fear, her voice a hoarse whisper as a large hand muffled her

As the man&39;s arms tightened around her, Elisa caught a whiff of a familiar scent. She stopped
struggling immediately.

&34;Why did you stop struggling?&34; Gareth&39;s voice was like a knife cutting through the air.

As expected, Gareth&39;s voice rang out in her ears. Elisa turned around and met his cold, snarling gaze.

Elisa smiled knowingly. &34;I knew it was you.&34;

Gareth&39;s interest was piqued. &34;How did you know it was me?&34;

Elisa thought about telling him, but then she changed her mind.

&34;It&39;s a secret.&34; Elisa raised her eyebrows.

Elisa quickly changed the subject before Gareth could get more information from her. &34;Did you see
what happened earlier? I&39;m curious to know what you think.&34;

&34;Come on, we have to go. We need to put on a show before the wedding. I&39;m afraid it might not
happen.&34; Gareth&39;s voice was firm. He must&39;ve already done a background check.

They hurried to catch up to Isla, and Gareth filled Elisa in on what he had learned.

&34;Isla and Luke had been partners for a long time before Bella came along. She knew exactly what kind
of man would sweep Bella off her feet.&34;

&34;Luke started to tailor his personality to Bella&39;s liking, and he then made a strategic move to get close to

Elisa&39;s eyebrows furrowed in disapproval. She was deeply disappointed in both Luke and Isla.

Gareth continued to explain, &34;This inadvertently made Bella think that they were a perfect match.&34;

Their hobbies and daily habits were so similar that it seemed like they were two peas in a pod.

Luke was very proactive in pursuing Bella, and they quickly became a couple.

Her eyes narrowed into slits, her smile a thin veneer of incredulity. &34;So this is how Bella fell for him? Or,
rather, this is how Bella fell for his lies?&34;

Gareth answered with a curt &34;yes,&34; but offered no further explanation.

Elisa&39;s jaw was clenched so tightly that her teeth were grinding together. &34;It&39;s all a facade!&34; she
muttered under her breath.

The two of them fell silent, each lost in their own thoughts.

If there are no unexpected setbacks, the wedding will be the perfect time to bring down Luke and Isla.

Isla, the suited man, and Luke met up at the entrance of the guestroom.

At the same time, Isla&39;s voice rang out in a frantic tone.

&34;How is it? Did you succeed?&34;

Luke nodded, his face beaming with delight. &34;This fool had let her guard down towards me. She&39;ll be
deep asleep until tomorrow. You&39;re in charge of the rest, Keith. Please treat our princess with care.&34;

Luke uttered the last few words with a theatrical voice as if they were in the final act of a play. A wicked
grin lit up the corners of his mouth.

Elisa knew that the suited man was Isla&39;s brother, and her heart sank.

Their plans were as clear as day.

If Bella was caught doing something scandalous the day before her wedding, the wedding would surely
be called off.

However, they would need to provide a satisfactory explanation to the guests.

In order to protect Bella&39;s reputation, they would surely try to keep the incident under wraps.

Even if the wedding was canceled, they would offer Luke a large sum of money to ensure his silence.

They had a foolproof plan: Bella would wake up next to Keith, devastated and unaware that her fiancé
and best friend had orchestrated the entire scheme.

She would only blame herself for her drunken behavior, perhaps even feeling guilty towards Luke.

&34;They had a great plan. Unfortunately, they were caught by us.&34;

The suited man rubbed his knuckles, his knuckles white with anticipation, before opening the door.

Luke was eager to get heated up with Isla in the next room. His breath came in short gasps, and his
heart was pounding in his chest.

&34;I want to stay,&34; Isla declared, her voice determined.

&34;What&39;s there to see?&34; her friend asked. &34;You could try it yourself.&34;

&34;I&39;m curious to see if Bella would still act so brazenly while she gets harassed,&34; Isla giggled. &34;I want to
see if she&39;s as tough as she seems.&34;

&34;Come on, I&39;m already recording it,&34; Luke said. &34;You&39;re not going to miss anything.&34;

&34;You&39;re so mean.&34;

&34;Don&39;t you like your men a little naughty?&34; he teased, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

The air between them grew thick with sexual tension; their bodies leaned into each other as their
breaths intermingled.

They made their way to the next door, their footsteps echoing in the hallway.

However, a loud bang erupted before Luke did anything, making him jump in shock.

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