Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1673 You'll Regret This in the Future

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Elisa knew that Linda must have figured out what had happened. She was being supportive on the
surface, but she must&39;ve been secretly pleased.

Elisa was willing to give up on the Western Suburbs project, but she was surprised that the Darcey
Group was quick to end their previous partnerships.

She patted Linda&39;s back reassuringly. &34;I&39;ll find a way no matter what. She&39;s only mad at me because of
the accident. I&39;ll try my best to get in touch with him. Don&39;t worry about it.&34;

Elisa made sure to hook her with bait. After all, didn&39;t Linda want to use the Western Suburbs project to
test her?

Linda risked making a fool of herself if she got involved in the Western Suburbs project.

Suddenly, Elisa received a call from Julia.

&34;Elisa, Gareth&39;s cousin&39;s wedding has been moved up. I&39;ve booked flights for Gareth and you to fly out
tomorrow morning. Someone will be picking you up from the airport.&34;

Although Elisa complied with Julia&39;s request to attend the wedding with Gareth as his wife, she couldn&39;t
help but feel it was all a bit rushed.

Furthermore, Grandma didn&39;t provide the opportunity for her to decline.

All the arrangements had been made without her agreement.

Elisa was displeased with Julia&39;s sudden arrangements for her, but she knew she couldn&39;t say anything.
After all, she had agreed to Julia&39;s request in the first place.

&34;Elisa, why aren&39;t you saying anything?&34; Julia&39;s forehead furrowed as she waited for a response. &34;Are
you too busy with work? Will this affect your plans?&34;

She was worried that Elisa and Gareth&39;s relationship wasn&39;t progressing, and she hoped this trip to
Gareth&39;s cousin&39;s wedding would help.

Even though Elisa&39;s plans were affected by Julia&39;s sudden arrangements, she couldn&39;t go against
Grandma&39;s wishes. She had to comply with her request. &34;No, I&39;m almost done with my work. You said
the wedding was brought forward? No worries, I&39;ll get there with Gareth first thing in the morning.&34;

She figured the sooner they got the wedding over with, the better.

Rachel&39;s displeasure was palpable.

Linda was curious about where Elisa and Gareth were headed the following day.

They were so close to each other, and yet Elisa said it was simply an act? That can&39;t be true.

&34;Elisa, it looks like you&39;ll be busy. I&39;ll head home now, so don&39;t worry about me. Just call me when you&39;re
done. There&39;s no need to put so much thought into the Western Suburbs project.&34;


Will wasn&39;t in the hospital, and she was no longer interested in dealing with Linda.

Once Linda walked away, Rachel blurted out, &34;Why do you always comply with the Wickam family&39;s
requests? Do you have to attend the wedding with him? At this point, they could just ask you to live
with him, couldn&39;t they?&34;

Elisa&39;s cheeks flushed red.

Julia had actually mentioned this before.

But what could she do? She had already agreed to attend the wedding with Gareth.

Elisa let out a deep sigh. &34;Grandma Wickam was the only person who treated me well during my three-
year marriage to Gareth. Now that she&39;s getting weaker, I only want to repay her kindness by following
her wishes. This will be the last time I do so. After this, we will no longer get involved in each other&39;s
personal matters.&34;

&34;Elisa, I&39;ll be watching to see if you keep your word. You were head over heels in love with that jerk
before, and now you&39;re still not keeping your distance from him. I can&39;t believe... You&39;ll regret this in the

Rachel let out a sigh, and she shook her head in disbelief.

Despite her disapproval, she still cared a lot about Elisa. She wouldn&39;t have helped her tirelessly when
Elisa was caught in the public uproar if she didn&39;t.

Elisa wrapped her arms around Rachel&39;s shoulders. &34;Ah, Ms. Markee! You don&39;t have to worry about
me. I promise I won&39;t regret this!&34;

Rachel glanced at Elisa but said nothing.

Without Linda to bother them, they had a blast shopping together.

Gareth&39;s and Vincent&39;s faces were like thunderclouds.

However, Gareth&39;s mood improved when he got a call from Julia. &34;Little brat,&34; she announced. &34;I&39;ve
already booked your flight for nine in the morning tomorrow. You&39;ll head to Foris City with Elisa to
attend the wedding.&34;

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