Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1674 There Was One Problem

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Foris City was less developed than Bayswe, but it had cleaner air.

Elisa noticed the difference in air quality as soon as she stepped off the plane.

&34;This city has excellent air quality and a wide range of amenities, making it a suitable place for
Grandma to stay while she recovers from her illness. However, the wind can be quite strong, which
may not be ideal for her.&34;

Gareth never imagined that Elisa would care so deeply for Grandma. He stared at her, his eyes soft
and glinting, but he didn&39;t say a word.

He could have asked Grandma to persuade Elisa to stay over at the Manor Residence last night. It
would have given him the opportunity to spend more time with Elisa, but he was afraid that she would
feel pressured or uncomfortable.

However, their trip to Foris City was a request made by Grandma Wickam. He was confident of winning
her heart back this time.

A private car was waiting for them at the airport, courtesy of his cousin. The wedding was being held at
the bride&39;s villa in the suburbs.

Rumors were that the groom&39;s family was of a lower socioeconomic status than the bride&39;s, making him
the one marrying into her family, which was a rare occurrence.

The airport was a half-hour drive from the villa. After a short drive, they arrived at the wedding location.

The villa was beautifully decorated with extravagant flowers and decorations.

The timeless decorations and the chatter of the guests filled the villa with a radiant and festive

The bride, Gareth&39;s younger cousin, Bella, appeared before Elisa.

Bella greeted them with a warm smile. &34;I&39;m Bella.&34;

Elisa took a moment to take in Bella&39;s appearance. She was dressed in a simple ankle-length dress
with no jewelry. Her features were soft and gentle, and her voice was warm and melodious.

Bella had a unique air about her, a combination of elegance and charisma.

Bella&39;s presence was like a warm summer breeze, inviting and refreshing.

As Elisa had expected, Bella was a warm and friendly person.

Even though they were exchanging friendly glances, they were both evaluating the other person before

Bella had heard stories about Elisa for a long time, and she was finally meeting her in person.

She was surprised to find that Elisa was not as obnoxious or proud as she had been described.
Instead, she was quietly intelligent and attractive.

The rumors about Elisa were clearly not true.

Bella&39;s cousin, Gareth, looked exactly as she had heard he would. He was cold and aloof, and he didn&39;t
seem to care about anything.

Gareth&39;s gaze was so intense that it was almost intimidating. He didn&39;t look like someone who was
easy to get along with.

She felt more comfortable approaching Elisa than Gareth.

They had arrived at the villa three days before the wedding.

Over the three days, Elisa grew to appreciate Bella&39;s kindness and diligence.

She was very clear about what she wanted, and she was also knowledgeable and quick-witted.

They were perfectly accommodated to their needs during the three days, and no one had any

Most importantly, she helped Elisa out of a major predicament.

Julia might have intentionally assigned Elisa to the same room as Gareth.

Elisa was not happy with the arrangement and asked for a different room.

Unfortunately, the rooms had already been assigned, and there was no way to change them.

This meant that she would have to share a room with Gareth, whether she liked it or not.

Bella could tell that Elisa was uncomfortable with the room assignment. &34;Why don&39;t you stay in my
room?&34; she suggested.

Elisa waved her hands dismissively. &34;How could I do that? Where would you stay if I slept in your

Bella explained that she would be busy with wedding preparations and wouldn&39;t be around the house
much, so she wouldn&39;t mind letting Elisa stay in her room.

Elisa was hesitant to accept Bella&39;s offer, but she eventually agreed after Bella&39;s persistent persuasion.

She was incredibly grateful to Bella for her kindness and generosity.

The wedding was perfectly planned, but there was one problem.

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