Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1675 Isn't That Bella?

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That was…

The groom had not been seen all day, and Bella had to walk down the aisle alone during the first

Elisa was initially concerned, but she quickly dismissed her doubts, assuming he was busy with other

Elisa finally encountered him at night, but their meeting was far from pleasant.

It was midnight, and Elisa was struggling to fall asleep. She decided to take a walk to clear her head,
and she saw a drunk man.

The man in the suit looked unkempt, with his tie undone and his hair disheveled. He was clearly drunk,
staggering as he walked and slurring his words.

A woman was helping him walk, her arm around his waist. He had his arms around her shoulders, and
he leaned close to her whenever he spoke.

She watched as they entered the room next to hers. Who would get so drunk the night before a

She thought it was one of the guests, but when she saw Bella rushing towards him, she realized that
the drunkard was the groom, Luke Connor.

Who was the woman with him?

Bella&39;s eyes grew cold as her eyes bored into the two figures before them. As if she telepathically
heard Elisa&39;s thoughts, she answered dryly, &34;That&39;s my best friend, Isla Lynn.&34;

Elisa&39;s forehead wrinkled in confusion, but she didn&39;t say anything.

The groom had not only skipped the wedding rehearsal that morning, but he had also gotten drunk with
his fiancée&39;s best friend the night before the wedding.

How could she tolerate such despicable behavior?

Although Elisa didn&39;t say anything, Bella could tell she was confused by the situation. &34;I&39;m used to it,&34;
she said with a polite smile.

Elisa&39;s eyes widened in disbelief and disgust. She had a million thoughts running through her head, but
she couldn&39;t speak.

After all, they were getting married the next day. She didn&39;t want to say anything that would upset the

Bella noticed Elisa&39;s shifty eyes and her reluctance to speak. &34;What&39;s on your mind?&34; she asked, her
eyes awash with conflicting emotions.

Elisa pondered her thoughts for a moment before speaking up. &34;Don&39;t you think Luke and Isla are
acting too intimate?&34;

Bella&39;s face immediately tensed up. &34;You must be overthinking things,&34; she muttered quickly.

Elisa pursed her lips tightly and refrained from saying anything that might offend Bella. She knew that
Bella trusted Luke and Isla deeply, so it wasn&39;t her place to decide what was right for Bella.

Despite her own beliefs, she respected Bella&39;s choice.

Nevertheless, it was hard to believe that someone so intelligent and principled could be blinded by

She told Gareth what she had seen, and they agreed to keep it to themselves.

They would not speak about Bella and Luke&39;s relationship carelessly.

However, things took a turn on the first day of the wedding.

It was the middle of the night, and Elisa went on one of her usual walks.

It was almost midnight when she returned from her walk and noticed a man standing by the door.

Elisa&39;s heart started to pound harder as she hid in the shadows, watching the man&39;s movements.

The man stood at the door, seemingly waiting for someone. He didn&39;t look like he wanted to enter.

The hallway was dark, and the man was facing away from Elisa, so she couldn&39;t see his face.

She couldn&39;t recognize the man from behind.

Nonetheless, it was clear that he didn&39;t belong there.

He was wearing a wrinkled suit and stained sneakers. His muscular body was straining against the
fabric of his shirt.

As Elisa&39;s confusion grew, she heard a familiar voice coming from the hallway.

&34;Why are you here? I thought I sent you the location,&34; Isla snapped, her voice laced with annoyance.

Elisa peeked out from her hiding spot to see Isla Lynn, Bella&39;s best friend. Elisa&39;s face grew grim at the
sight of her.

Although it was late at night, Isla was dressed in a revealing outfit and full makeup.

The man quickly apologized, explaining that he had gotten lost in the villa.

&34;It&39;s fine,&34; Isla said, waving her hand dismissively. She seemed annoyed and disdainful.

&34;Young lady, I thought you said this was where it was,&34; the man uttered, looking confused.

&34;She switched rooms. Just stay quiet and follow me,&34; Isla responded.

The man followed Isla silently.

They walked away, their voices fading into the distance.

Elisa listened carefully, picking up a key piece of information from their conversation.

The person who had originally stayed in this room.

Isn&39;t that Bella?

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