Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1667 The Mastermind Behind Linda

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Me? Elisa chuckled upon hearing Linda&39;s question.

&34;I&39;ve just finished work. If you want to meet me… Alright, I will send you a location later. I&39;m with a

&34;Sure,&34; Linda replied swiftly, not even asking about the friend. She was not worried about having
another presence with them.

It seemed like an urgent matter.

Amused by the urgency in her voice, a mischievous idea sparked in Elisa&39;s head as she contemplated
toying with her further. She kept her tone even, not divulging anything as she replied, &34;See you later
then. I&39;ll send you the location once we know where to go.&34;

&34;Sure, Elisa.&34;

With that, they hung up.

However, Rachel was curious about her sudden spark of interest in the conversation. &34;Who are you
calling, and who&39;s joining us?&34;

As she was right next to Elisa, she could hear Linda&39;s voice and concluded that it was not their mutual

Hence, she wanted to know who had become Elisa&39;s new friend.

Elisa wanted to tell her that Melinda Garner was actually Linda. Still, she had second thoughts upon
remembering Rachel&39;s feisty temper. If she were to find out, she was going to pick on Linda. The game
would lose its fun if Linda became suspicious.

Judging by Linda&39;s position, the Garner family would not have provided her with such an identity
because of her father. After all, he had been demoted to a normal employee. She wasn&39;t that valuable
of an asset to have.

This situation made it clear that there was a mastermind behind Linda.

Could it be Nicole? It doesn&39;t seem like it – because of the videos I exposed, they have suffered huge
losses, and their stock prices have decreased considerably. Gareth has also made it obvious that his
target was them. It&39;s impossible that they&39;re behind this – they&39;re not idiots. This means that another
person is behind this, and they are either Gareth or my enemy.

As she pondered over the situation, she felt the latter was more likely. After all, Linda&39;s hatred toward
her was so intense that she hoped Elisa could drop dead instantly.

Rachel nudged Elisa, who was lost in her thoughts. &34;Hello? I just asked you a question. What are you
thinking so deeply about?&34;

Elisa returned to her senses and shook her head. &34;Nothing much. She&39;s the long-lost daughter of the
Garner family. I&39;ll introduce you later – she&39;s quite an interesting character.&34;

That was all she could explain without exposing Linda&39;s true character.

However, Rachel was not interested in her at all. &34;I bet you have your own plans to befriend her. But I

don&39;t have any energy left to make new friends. The most we could be is just acquaintances. She won&39;t
be my friend the way you are to her. But wait, I think you&39;re hiding something from me, Elisa. What are
you thinking? A better question might be – what&39;s your plan?&34;

She&39;s truly my best friend. She looks out for me in every single thing.

Nevertheless, she didn&39;t want to worry Rachel, nor did she want her best friend to take risks for herself.

She put her hand on Rachel&39;s shoulders and smiled. &34;What other plan do I have, apart from making lots
of money and traveling around with you and Shenna?&34;

&34;It&39;s a great plan – there&39;s no doubt about it. I&39;m just worried that you might be fooled by Gareth again.
You seemed to have changed after working with him these days. Also, haven&39;t you told me about Will?
I think he&39;s not a trustworthy person, either. Look at how much hate you gather online because of these
two guys!&34;

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