Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1665 What For?

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Gareth promised confidently, &34;I can provide so much more if we work together.&34;

&34;Why don&39;t you tell me that as long as we remarry, my status will take an instant leap? Not only can I
secure my position in Benett Corporation, but everyone in Bayswe would also respect me,&34; Elisa
retorted sarcastically.

He nodded. &34;Well, you&39;re right.&34;

What? Since when did he become so shameless?

She rolled her eyes at him disdainfully. &34;Even so, that&39;s your idea, not mine. I am busy and have no
time to waste with this nonsense. If you aren&39;t feeling well, ask Thomas to brew the medicine for you.&34;

With that, she turned on the laptop on her desk and ignored him.

Yet, he started dismissing the idea. &34;What could Thomas do? Everything he knows is taught by you.
Since you are already here, why should I ask him to do it? If other people found out another man is
taking care of me–&34;

&34;So what? Aren&39;t you now alone with Elisa in broad daylight? Why don&39;t you have any reservations
about that instead?&34;

Accompanied by the clacking of high heels, a cold voice rang from a distance, refuting Gareth&39;s logic.

Elisa was pleasantly surprised when she heard the voice.

She raised her head and saw Rachel walking toward her in a beige mini-skirt, with Vincent following
closely behind her.

It had been almost a month since they last met.

&34;Rachel, what brings you here?&34; Elisa welcomed her immediately.

Rachel nudged her temples. &34;To visit you, of course! I came here right after my flight landed from
Moranta. Ha, I bet you didn&39;t know the plane had some technical issues. Even after Vincent booked a
private jet, it was still not working. If I didn&39;t see him give his friend a scolding, I would really suspect he
did it on purpose,&34; she huffed in annoyance.

They were forced to do an emergency landing on an island in an airport that barely had anything. The
problem was fixed after a long wait.

If distance wasn&39;t a problem and they were taking a plane, she would have rented a car and driven
back home. There was no need for all the waiting.

It was out of Elisa&39;s expectations that Rachel&39;s journey back was riddled with many obstacles.

She shot a glance at Vincent, who shrugged nonchalantly.

It seemed like there was no need for him to play such tricks. More importantly, they were home safely.

Elisa felt touched. She knew why Rachel went to Moranta, and she would never forget the favor.

&34;Let&39;s go celebrate your return!&34; With that, Elisa held her hand and started walking out of the room.

Be it in Moranta or in Bayswe, Rachel cared about Elisa the most. Her biggest worry was Gareth. To
her, he was a jerk who insisted on clinging to Elisa without respecting her wishes.

Even after their divorce, he&39;s still pestering her. Yet, when the rumors hit, he did nothing to clarify it.
He&39;s useless!

Upon seeing Gareth&39;s darkened face, Vincent quickly tried to salvage the situation. &34;Well, even after
breaking up, some people still get back together. Some people remarry the same person too.&34;

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