Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1664 I'm Not in the Mood to Play

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Elisa fixed her gaze on Gareth, remaining silent.

Gareth recalled Thomas&39; advice on feigning vulnerability before Elisa, but he wasn&39;t sure how to
execute it. He was worried that she would see through his facade if he suddenly complained about pain
from his injuries.

But if he disregarded Thomas&39; suggestion, his visit would be in vain...

Caught in a mental struggle, Gareth hesitated. However, Elisa broke the silence, asking, &34;Mr. Wickam,
is there something else you wanted to say?&34;


Elisa&39;s question provided an opening for Gareth to proceed. He continued, &34;When I woke up, I had
difficulty breathing and felt a heaviness in my chest.&34;

&34;Is that so?&34; Elisa maintained a skeptical expression.

Gareth nodded, maintaining his composure as he looked Elisa in the eyes, &34;Of course! If you don&39;t
believe me, you can check for yourself.&34;

Once bitten, twice shy. Elisa had learned her lesson and wouldn&39;t fall for Gareth&39;s act again, especially
not now that he was fully conscious and not in a state of confusion or weakness.

She smirked, &34;Well, Mr. Wickam, when you scolded those men earlier, you sounded perfectly
composed and strong. You didn&39;t sound like someone struggling with health issues. You know what…

you don&39;t have to pretend, for my sake. If you&39;re looking for someone of wife material which will also
appease your grandmother, then go ahead and advertise for a bride based on her preferences.&34;

&34;But there&39;s only one Elisa Benett in this world. You&39;re exceptional in medicine and have everything my
grandmother loves. Plus, starting from scratch with someone else would be a waste of time.&34;

Gareth pursed his lips, realizing Elisa wasn&39;t falling for his act.

After all, he couldn&39;t bring himself to act stubborn and shameless.

Elisa countered, &34;If that&39;s the case, go ahead and stick to your requirements and search for a bride.
There are countless women in this city, and I&39;m sure you&39;ll come across at least a few who meet your

&34;By the way, let me clarify something. We never had the level of familiarity that you claim. Don&39;t speak
like we went through a long adjustment period and getting to know each other. We didn&39;t!&34;

&34;Mr. Wickam, if you don&39;t have any other important matters, please leave. I have a lot of things to
attend to.&34;

Elisa had run out of patience and didn&39;t want to continue the conversation with him.

Gareth had put in the effort to come here, and leaving without accomplishing anything made him

He approached her and suggested, &34;Let&39;s find other partners since those morons are unwilling to
cooperate with you. We&39;ll head to Foris City tomorrow, and my cousin&39;s wedding is just around the


&34;Didn&39;t Grandma say there&39;s still over a month left?&34; Elisa frowned, recalling Julia&39;s mention of the
wedding date.

Elisa didn&39;t want to be fooled by Gareth again.

&34;Meet and have a good time with the collaborators; time will fly by. This time, you can be assured that
those three won&39;t be around to bother you.&34;

Gareth reassured her, trying to convince her.

Elisa shook her head. &34;Fine. Let me know when it&39;s time to go to Foris City, but count me out on the
&39;fun&39; part. I&39;m not in the mood for parties or enjoyment.&34;

She had many things to handle, and there had been no progress on her mother&39;s side. Thinking of this,
Elisa remembered her uncle Winslow.

Winslow had always treated her well, and since her return to the country, she had been so busy that
she hadn&39;t even had time to call him.

&34;If you don&39;t want to party and have fun, let&39;s meet with the collaborators and attend the wedding...&34;

&34;But there aren&39;t that many collaborators to meet, right?&34;

Although Gareth was there to support her with the collaboration, but as Elisa had mentioned, there
weren&39;t many collaborators to meet.

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