Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1661 Not Willing to Hear Your Disparagement of Women

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However, as soon as Elisa said that, they were taken aback and immediately fired back at her.

&34;What? Are you kidding me? It&39;s not even close! Throughout history, men have handled external affairs
while women have handled domestic matters. Yes, you may be the chairwoman of the Benett family
now. Still, there are certain areas where we cannot collaborate on equal terms. But if Mr. Wickam is
here, we could achieve a win-win situation through his involvement.&34;

&34;Mr. Chariot has a point. Besides, there are intricate details in certain matters that you, being new to
the business world, might overlook. Having Mr. Wickam by your side guarantees success, don&39;t you
think so?&34;

&34;Any idea when Mr. Wickam will sober up? We don&39;t mind rescheduling the meeting to the afternoon to
have him join us.&34;

Although the three business partners expressed their sentiments in different ways, their underlying
intention was the same, which was to wait for Gareth&39;s presence before discussing cooperation. Their
expressions clearly conveyed their belief that Elisa, as a woman, could not engage in business
discussions, and they preferred negotiating with Gareth.

Their claim of connecting with the Benett family was merely an excuse.

Elisa was tempted when Gareth offered to help her establish a foothold in the Benett family. However,
she was unwilling to enter a cooperative relationship that required her to compromise her principles
and self-respect.

In response, Elisa swiftly refuted their pompous mindset, &34;I beg your pardon. There is no such thing as

men exclusively handling external affairs and women solely focusing on household and childcare.
Women are equally capable of achieving greatness. Look at the legendary Joan of Arc, Queen
Elizabeth I, and Marie Curie examples. They are perfect role models of successful female leaders
throughout history!&34;

Often, these arrogant men clung to their outdated mindset, believing they were inherently superior and
more capable than women.

&34;Ms. Benett, I see where you&39;re coming from, but let&39;s not ignore that men have held positions of power
throughout history, such as kings and patriarchs. Why are women expected to fight battles while men
dominate the business world?&34; Mr. Chariot retorted, his tone laced with irritation.

His words struck a chord with Elisa. She refused to accept the notion of male superiority and was
determined to challenge such stereotypes.

She declared in a solid and assertive tone, &34;I came here today to discuss potential collaboration, not to
endure your derogatory comments about women. If you prefer to negotiate directly with Gareth, then go
ahead. I, Elisa Benett, refuse to be a pawn and will not partner with pompous people like you who seek
to gain favor through manipulation!&34;

&34;Plus, if you truly have what it takes, you wouldn&39;t need me as a conduit for your collaboration with
Gareth!&34; Elisa spoke candidly.

The expressions of the three business partners instantly turned grave.

Mr. Chariot changed his tone and threatened, &34;Elisa, don&39;t you realize the potential consequences of
offending us and compromising the project? You may have Gareth&39;s support, but that doesn&39;t give you
the authority to disrespect us!&34;

Elisa sneered, &34;Didn&39;t I make myself clear? I have no interest in partnering with you. The door is right
there. Please do us a favor and leave this meeting. Thank you!&34;

&34;How delusional of you! Let&39;s be honest; if it weren&39;t for Gareth&39;s support, we wouldn&39;t even consider
collaborating with your family. &34;

&34;Exactly! Your current standing is solely due to Mr. Wickam&39;s assistance and efforts. If he divorced you
once, he could do it again!&34;

Human nature can be so unpredictable. They were all smiles one moment, and their expressions
turned devilish the next.

But just as Elisa was about to speak, a cold and commanding voice cut through the air, growing louder
as it approached.

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