Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1656 Let Go of the Past

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Elisa was aware of Linda&39;s disguise, so she wouldn&39;t possibly fall into her trap. However, it didn&39;t make
sense that her phone was now with Linda.

&34;Ask her to call me back,&34; Gareth uttered coldly. Linda was hurt by his disdainful, arrogant attitude. He
didn&39;t even bother to ask her to pass a message. As such, she thought Gareth might have suspected

&34;Wait a minute. She&39;s back.&34; Linda passed the phone to Elisa.

Elisa knew the call had affected Linda. She instantly took over the phone and asked Gareth, &34;What is

Gareth asked, &34;What&39;s going on?&34;

Elisa replied indifferently, &34;I walked away to answer nature&39;s call and passed my bag to Melinda in a
hurry. I&39;ll only leave after the banquet ends. You can go home first.&34;

She knew Linda was observing her, so she didn&39;t show much expression.

&34;I&39;ll wait for you.&34; Gareth insisted. Elisa did not answer further.

After hanging up the call, Linda hesitantly told Elisa about her feelings. &34;Elisa, you didn&39;t know Mr.
Wickam&39;s attitude when I picked up the call just now. If you&39;re not beside me, I&39;ll surely become the
main suspect.&34;

&34;Sigh! I thought I could avoid him, but who knew he would call? Melinda, I&39;ll contact you tomorrow to
discuss the plan.&34; Elisa deliberately heaved a sigh.

Linda nodded as she was interested in Elisa&39;s proposal.

The banquet was held for &39;Melinda.&39; When Linda and Elisa stepped out of the washroom, the Garners
came to bring Linda away. Linda looked at Elisa apologetically and said, &34;I&39;m sorry, Elisa. I gotta go.&34;

If the Garners didn&39;t interrupt them, Linda intended to stay longer with Elisa.

&34;See you tomorrow then.&34; Elisa waved at Linda with a smile.

As soon as Linda left, Gareth appeared beside Elisa. &34;You became friends with her?&34; He asked in

Linda returned with this fake identity. Given the grudges between Elisa and her, how could they
possibly become friends?

Elisa laughed, &34;If you don&39;t believe it, do you think it could be real?&34; Her intention was clear. Both Linda
and her were testing each other.

Just now, she purposely asked Linda to answer the call to stir up her anger and hatred.

After all, no one could remain calm in front of their love.

Linda had been living for Gareth her whole life!

Gareth pointed out an important point. &34;Aren&39;t you guys tired of pretending?&34; He thought they didn&39;t
have to put on a show since both didn&39;t genuinely intend to become friends.

Elisa sniggered, &34;Are you saying that I should stick to my initial plan? Or, you really hope for me to
become real friends with her and let go of the past?&34; Elisa turned around to question Gareth. Her gaze
was filled with coldness and disappointment.

Perceiving that Elisa misunderstood him, Gareth immediately explained. &34;I don&39;t mean that. I just think
that you guys don&39;t have to put on an act just to test each other.&34;

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