Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1603 A Hostile Gaze

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Gossip about cheating and love triangles in a wealthy social class was exactly what people were most
concerned with.

Furthermore, the main female character in question was so pretty.

Different opinions appeared while everyone was cursing at Elisa.

&34;I have to say that Elisa and Will are actually quite well matched. They&39;re both good-looking.&34;

&34;As expected of wealthy people. I&39;ve never seen someone so beautiful. Has anyone seen Elisa in
person? Is she as gorgeous as she is in the photos?&34;

&34;Me! I&39;ve seen her in person at the company. She&39;s stunning in real life. Breathtakingly ravishing! She&39;s
a good match for Mr. Darcey.&34;

A particular woman was dumbstruck.


A sound rang in an office. Jocelyn Oxley swept everything off her table to vent.

She had immediately been worried about Will when she saw the trending topics in the morning and
wanted to visit him in the hospital in the afternoon.

She had asked her friends to investigate which hospital he was in.

She never thought she would see such comments.

She hadn&39;t wanted to believe it at first.

She naturally trusted Will&39;s character.

She had liked him for so long, and they had grown up together. She understood his character and
disposition the best. How could he be entangled with a shady woman?

But she couldn&39;t tolerate how everyone online started to see Will and Elisa as a couple after gossiping
about them.

Furthermore, she didn&39;t fully understand Will&39;s recent well-being after being overseas all these years.

What if he really likes someone else? What if that happens? What should I do?

Jocelyn couldn&39;t wait and wanted to rush there when she saw how pretty Elisa was and how well-
matched Elisa was with Will!

She immediately arranged for a car and came to the hospital.

With the hospital director&39;s directions, Jocelyn arrived outside the operating theater aggressively and
immediately saw Elisa, who was there.

Elisa was also slightly injured, but they were superficial wounds. Her clothes were also somewhat torn.

Her face was also dotted with cuts.

She didn&39;t know when Will would come out, so she hadn&39;t dealt with her bruises.

Her hair was messy, but she possessed a simple beauty.

In short, her injuries didn&39;t affect her overall attractiveness.

Elisa leaned against the railing as she looked down at her feet. She wasn&39;t showing much emotion, but
she naturally looked unfriendly.

She was still pretty.

It was precisely because of this that made Jocelyn angrier.

Jocelyn gritted her teeth and made her way over.

Elisa felt a hostile gaze staring at her. When she looked up, she saw an unfamiliar girl standing near
her. The girl was dressed fashionably and looked wealthy with one glance.

The girl was staring fiercely at Elisa and walking over threateningly.

Elisa frowned. She didn&39;t remember having any grudges with the girl.

But Jocelyn was still approaching Elisa.

When Jocelyn was near Elisa, she raised her hand and wanted to hit Elisa.

But Elisa stopped her calmly.

Elisa was somewhat forceful, and Jocelyn couldn&39;t free herself even after struggling.

She stared at Elisa rudely and was just about to hit Elisa with her other hand when Elisa seemed to see
through her tricks.

Before Jocelyn raised her hand, Elisa said coldly, &34;I advise you not to move if you don&39;t want a
fractured hand. My patience has its limits.&34;

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