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Chapter 1605 Get Lost!

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But she never thought that Jocelyn would get angry. Jocelyn pointed at Elisa and started berating her.
&34;Who do you think you are? Do you think you&39;re his girlfriend?! Let me tell you that Old Mrs. Darcey
approved of me as the Darcey granddaughter-in-law. I grew up with Will since we were young. You
can&39;t interfere in our relationship. You should be the one to leave!&34;

Elisa felt annoyed that Jocelyn was berating her while pointing at her. It took her a lot of effort to control
herself and not lay a finger on Jocelyn.

Elisa sneered. &34;Really? So why haven&39;t I heard Will mention you?&34;

She doesn&39;t want me to mention Will by name? I&39;ll do it on purpose.

&34;It&39;s because I was overseas. I&39;m back now. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has to step aside. Perhaps Will
took pity on you in the past, but he doesn&39;t like you. Don&39;t get ahead of yourself.&34;

Jocelyn spoke self-righteously but didn&39;t know Elisa wasn&39;t paying much attention.

No, Elisa wasn&39;t listening at all.

Elisa was utterly ignoring Jocelyn.

Jocelyn&39;s chest started heaving violently. It was apparent that she was furious.

&34;It&39;s impossible. You&39;re lying!&34;

Jocelyn&39;s face was filled with rage. She was also confident that Elisa was lying.

Elisa had nothing to say to such a crazy and irrational woman.

She simply leaned against the railing again and kept quiet.

Jocelyn couldn&39;t take being ignored, but she didn&39;t dare to do anything to Elisa. She could only order
the hospital director around.

&34;In the name of the Oxley and Darcey families, I command you to throw this woman out. She offended
me, so she&39;s in trouble!&34;

The hospital director hesitated slightly.

He was an outsider. Only the person lying in the operating theater knew the truth.

He could only guess the two women&39;s identities through what they were saying.

It was evident that he took Elisa&39;s silence as a guilty conscience.

He thought she couldn&39;t retort.

What Jocelyn said was clear. He pondered which woman was more important.

&34;Why don&39;t you leave for the time being, Miss?&34;

Elisa glanced at him. A familiar voice rang before she could say anything.

&34;Who dares to do such a thing?!&34;

Looking toward the voice, Gareth walked over and fixed his gaze on Elisa.

She didn&39;t look at him.

Gareth walked to Elisa&39;s side and stood firmly. He looked at Jocelyn and said, &34;This isn&39;t a place you
can act irresponsibly. Elisa isn&39;t someone you can manipulate, either. Watch your temper. Otherwise,
get lost.&34;

Jocelyn&39;s expression changed. The man&39;s forceful demeanor made her particularly frightened.

She knew who he was!

However, Elisa and Will had an ambiguous relationship. Why is he protecting Elisa?!


&34;Get lost!&34; Gareth&39;s gaze was dangerous.

She was taken aback and didn&39;t dare to say anything. Her tears fell in a rage.

It was apparent that the young woman felt more aggrieved today than ever.

After dealing with Jocelyn, Gareth&39;s attitude changed completely as he spoke softly in Elisa&39;s ears,
&34;Don&39;t be afraid. I&39;m here. I&39;ve instructed people to suppress the rumors spreading outside. They&39;re

doing their best to minimize the impact.&34;

Elisa acknowledged it softly and kept quiet.

She could solve it herself whether or not he turned up.

But what was happening outside wouldn&39;t have been solved so quickly.

&34;Thanks,&34; Elisa spoke briefly.

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