Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1596 Don't You Believe Me

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Julia heaved a sigh. &34;What about your promise then? I&39;ve told them that you and Gareth will be there. If
you don&39;t show up… Sigh! Forget about it. I&39;m prepared to lose face. It&39;s all Gareth&39;s and my fault. If I
insisted on stopping you at that time, you guys… Oh, I should stop talking about it. Elisa, we have let
you down. I know I shouldn&39;t force you to stay.&34;

Julia&39;s voice cracked as she spoke.

Elisa felt sorry to hear an elder speak in such a manner. However, despite feeling disturbed, she wasn&39;t
a saint and couldn&39;t keep selflessly sacrificing for others without considering her own feelings.

She changed the topic. &34;Grandma, what&39;s the urgent matter you want to tell me?&34;

In fact, Elisa knew Julia used it as an excuse to hold her back, while the real intention was to set
Gareth and her up. Nonetheless, she didn&39;t expose Julia.

Since Elisa asked the question, Julia was forced to make up an answer to avoid awkwardness. So, she
continued hesitantly, &34;Elisa, I know you&39;re occupied at work. Actually… I&39;ve been looking into the stock
market recently, and the market conditions look pleasant. Can you get someone to help me?&34;

&34;Huh?&34; Elisa thought there was no urgent matter but didn&39;t expect such a request from Julia. Confused,
she asked, &34;Grandma, are you sure you want me to do it? Shouldn&39;t Gareth be more experienced than

Elisa had only taken over the business after she and Gareth divorced, and she wasn&39;t as experienced
as Gareth.

Julia nodded. &34;Yes, I&39;m sure. Because I don&39;t intend to let Gareth know about this matter. This person
can help me prove one thing. You&39;re the only one I can trust now, Elisa. Are you willing to help me?&34;

Seeing Julia&39;s sincere expression, Elisa couldn&39;t bring herself to turn her down.

However, Julia hadn&39;t gotten to the main point—how did she want Elisa to help her?

Elisa pressed her lips and directly asked, &34;Grandma, can you make it clearer? You mentioned the
favorable stock market, the person, and that the person can prove something. What exactly is the

Elisa was perplexed at Julia&39;s ambiguous statements.

The truth was Julia hadn&39;t made proper plans and couldn&39;t directly tell Elisa at that moment.

After hesitating briefly, Julia uttered slowly, &34;That person… Sigh! That person holds crucial evidence
that is unfavorable to my maternal family. I can&39;t watch them be impacted. Elisa, this relative of mine,
previously had a dispute with Gareth, so I can&39;t go to Gareth because he won&39;t care about it. You&39;re the
only person I can turn to. Besides, his days are numbered, and he heard you&39;re a skillful medical
practitioner. So, I thought of asking you.&34; Julia attempted to persuade Elisa for that reason.

Elisa didn&39;t answer. Julia became nervous when she observed Elisa&39;s expression. &34;Elisa, don&39;t you
believe me?&34;

Elisa denied it. &34;It&39;s not that, Grandma. To be honest, I&39;ve been very occupied at work recently. You can
ask Gareth to handle it. He&39;s more professional than me in business matters. I can come over if you
need treatment. But…&34;

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