Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1588 Don't Judge the Book by Its Cover

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Thomas had never been at the top of Elisa&39;s priority list.

As Thomas glanced at the somber visage of Gareth in the rearview mirror, he pleaded, &34;Ms. Benett, it&39;s
a matter of life and death. I beg you, can you please expedite?&34;

This is outrageous!

He had gone to great lengths, risking it all, all for the sake of uniting Mr. Wickham and Miss Benett!

Elisa&39;s lips pursed as she spoke, &34;It won&39;t change anything even if I were to come now. Thomas, my
grandmother, is using Ganoderma Caligo for treatment. You can ask Gareth for some.&34;

Although it was true that consuming the whole Ganoderma Caligo plant yielded better results, Elisa
doubted Gareth&39;s altruism to save two lives at once.

Thomas, stunned, hadn&39;t anticipated Gareth&39;s involvement in this matter.

Should he say no? Won&39;t that prove he&39;s just plain heartless regarding his grandpa&39;s life?

Ah, Elisa threw me for a loop with her unexpected moves!

Nevertheless, Thomas was grateful.

Yet, these were all a part of Gareth&39;s schemes.

He mustered the courage to press on and said, &34;Miss Benett, those Ganoderma Caligo are hard to

obtain. While I&39;ve been by Mr. Wickham&39;s side for years, it still seems quite improper of me to impose
on him for help. He wants Old Madam Wickham to be healthy and live long. How can I possibly ask for
this? It would only trouble Mr. Wickham.&34;

Blackmailing Elisa wasn&39;t an option Thomas was willing to consider.

However, Gareth&39;s looming presence had chained Thomas&39; good will.

Elisa chose to remain silent, acknowledging the undeniable reality in Thomas&39; words.

Gareth had the prerogative to withhold any help.

She sighed and replied, &34;Thomas, please give me a moment. I&39;ll come to you right away once I am
done. Please send me your location on WhatsApp. If you find it hard to talk to Gareth, I&39;ll handle it
when I meet you. Gotta go. See you later.&34; Elisa hung up immediately.

She had indeed asked Thomas to wait for a bit. However, she couldn&39;t keep him waiting since Will was
right before her.

She could not ignore his presence when Will was now her biggest and most important collaborator.

After all, the Western Suburb project belonged to Will as well!

As the busy signal echoed through the phone, Thomas couldn&39;t help but feel frustrated.

He immediately lowered his head to apologize to Gareth.

&34;I&39;m sorry, Mr. Wickham. I couldn&39;t be of any help, and I ended up making things worse...&34;

Elisa made it clear over the phone that once she was done with her tasks, she would address Thomas&39;
matter with Gareth.

He missed the opportunity to separate Elisa from Will, allowing the situation to worsen and leaving him

Gareth stood firm in his convictions, unwavering and unrelenting in his clarity of thought.

His voice lowered, exuding an icy intensity as he began to speak, &34;Don&39;t blame yourself; this is not your
fault. She was calm and composed the entire time, which is far from what you anticipated.&34;

Will had heard everything.

Elisa&39;s true colors were exposed at that moment.

If Elisa was genuinely evil and had committed unforgivable acts, how could she have spoken those
words so easily?

Once again, appearances can be deceiving.

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