Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1586 That Project

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Without beating around the bush, Elisa left no room for ambiguity.

Meanwhile, Gareth, waiting downstairs, could only observe from a distance.

A surge of jealousy flooded him when he saw the two locked within each other&39;s gaze, seemingly
happily basking in each other&39;s presence.

How could they have so much to talk about that they couldn&39;t stop talking since they met? he thought
while trying to suppress his frustration.

Gareth&39;s face grew darker as their lips moved, and Thomas noticed it.

Feeling that it wasn&39;t a good idea to have Gareth spying on them, he mustered up the courage and
weakly suggested, &34;Mr. Wickam, how about this? I could say that someone in my family is ill and ask
Ms. Benett to come and see them?&34;

The only solution Thomas could think of was to trick Elisa into coming out.

However, Gareth responded coldly and indifferently, &34;How is this excuse any different from your first
suggestion, asking her to see my grandmother?&34;

Thomas quickly clarified, &34;Of course, there&39;s a difference. If it&39;s Mrs. Wickam calling for her, we all,
including you, must be back at the Wickam&39;s. But if it&39;s my grandmother... Mr. Wickam, you can show
up later.&34;

It was clear that Thomas calculated a well-thought-out plan.

Before Gareth could say anything, Thomas continued, &34;Mr. Wickam, I think we should give it a try,
whether it works or not. What if Ms. Benett is willing to help? We can&39;t just keep... we can&39;t keep waiting
here forever, can we?&34;

As Gareth was going to talk, Thomas let out a long sigh. He almost slipped and said the word &39;stalker.&39;
Luckily, he managed to restrain himself from making an accidental blunter. Otherwise, it would have
been a dead end for him.

Gareth noticed it but didn&39;t pursue the matter. He simply responded with a nod, indicating his
agreement with Thomas&39; suggestion.

Meanwhile, on Will&39;s side, after a moment of silence, he picked up where Elisa left off. Smiling with a
trace of mockery, he asked helplessly, &34;Elisa, is this how you think of me?&34;

His lips pulled into a half-formed, heartless smile as he vocalized his thoughts.

It turned out that all his efforts had been in vain.

When it came down to it, Elisa had always only sided with Gareth. Whenever Gareth or anyone else
from the Wickam family had any issue, they were always her top priority.

Elisa couldn&39;t stand Will&39;s scorching gaze.

She wasn&39;t questioning Will as a person; she was just skeptical, which she thought was natural given
her situation. Moreso, it was such a significant project that she couldn&39;t just simply make a decision.

Elisa shifted uncomfortably and slowly continued, &34;I&39;m not questioning your character, Will. But if you
were in my position... What would you think if I offered to give you the project unconditionally?&34;

Perhaps Will would be even more cautious and suspicious than her.

A bitter bile built up in Will&39;s stomach, but he quickly responded, &34;If we had no prior connection or
relationship, then I would be suspicious of the project you offer. But Elisa, we&39;ve known each other for
so long now. Do you still not trust me?&34;

Will had revealed his innermost feelings to her more than once. But Elisa always kept a distance from

Elisa was afraid that everything was just an act.

She believed it was necessary to be cautious and to set boundaries between public and private

Elisa replied indifferently, &34;Will, we should discuss matters objectively and keep our personal feelings
out of it. Just tell me how we can collaborate on the western suburbs project.&34;

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