Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1582 The Center of Attention

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He was curious about what kind of meeting they were having and wanted to take a look.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Aaron had just touched down on Tabor Residence&39;s expansive open land in
their private jet.

Nicole&39;s anger began to simmer as she didn&39;t see anyone around to greet her.

In the past, the maids and butlers would always be there to greet her respectfully whenever she
entered the residence.

The silence in the air was a deafening reminder that Nicole was no longer valued.

Nicole entered the main residence, but her parents were nowhere in sight.

When her eyes caught sight of the maid there, she blurted out, &34;Where are my parents?&34;

The maid&39;s mouth gaped open when she realized Nicole was there. She couldn&39;t help but feel a sense
of unease in the pit of her stomach.

But she had to treat her with respect, for Nicole was the Tabor family&39;s precious daughter. &34;Ms. Tabor,&34;
the maid responded meekly, &34;ever since the news about you spread online, Mr. Tabor got extremely
furious and fainted. Mrs. Tabor is in the hospital taking care of him.&34;

Nicole&39;s face turned ashen pale. She had assumed that her father would be out of the hospital by now,
as it had been long since the incident.

She had to go to the hospital, no matter what.

&34;Get the car ready. I&39;m going to the hospital,&34; she quickly ordered.

The maid was afraid of angering her, so she followed her orders without hesitation.

However, Nicole was surprised to see Aaron following her.

She crossed her arms, her eyes narrowing at Aaron as she questioned him directly, &34;Why are you
following me?&34;

Aaron was unfazed by her outburst. &34;I&39;m following you as your fiancé. I can&39;t let you go to the hospital
alone, or I won&39;t be able to stay here for long.&34;

Nicole hadn&39;t planned for Aaron to stay at Tabor Residence. How could he be so laid-back about it?

But Nicole didn&39;t want Aaron to come with her.

If she went to the hospital, she knew that her father would give her a piece of his mind without fail.

Wouldn&39;t she be humiliated and made a laughingstock by Aaron?

Nicole immediately refused, &34;Stay here. I&39;ll have the maid to… I&39;ll have the driver send you to the hotel.&34;

At first, Nicole considered asking the maid to tidy up a room for him.

But she changed her mind after thinking it over.

And Aaron was not pleased with this plan.

&34;Nicole, I am now your fiancé,&34; he stated clearly.

He pressed his lips into a tight line, his face solemn as he bored his eyes at her.

He was clearly indicating that he would not agree to Nicole&39;s arrangement.

Nicole was conscious of the fact that Aaron had come with her as her fiancé, but she was afraid that he
would see her being scolded in front of her father.

She responded to him with indifference. &34;So?&34;

They were only playing the part of a couple, so they didn&39;t need to get too caught up in the act.

Aaron&39;s frown deepened as he said, &34;What would people say if they found out your fiancé was staying
at a hotel? Do you think that people would just shrug it off? Who will clean up the mess when they start
making up lies and spreading them all over the Internet?&34;

Nicole&39;s mouth snapped shut as she had to acknowledge that he was correct.

Aaron had a sound argument. After all, she was the center of attention at the moment.

Aaron could read her like a book.

&34;You don&39;t have to worry that I&39;ll make fun of you. I&39;m here to help you. You&39;re already being ridiculed by
the public, so what more could I do to make things worse?&34;

Nicole remained silent.

She knew he was right, but she didn&39;t want to admit it.

Without warning, Aaron took Nicole&39;s hands in his.

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