Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1577 The Pressure of Her Stare

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A corner of Elisa&39;s mouth lifted in a smirk.


Elisa had to give Norman kudos for being confident that he would reclaim his position, even though he
had been demoted to a regular employee.

Does Norman have any idea what he&39;s doing?

He&39;s being delusional!

&34;What&39;s the point of working here if you don&39;t even know who&39;s in charge?&34; Norman said frostily.

&34;What about you? Do you know who I am? Am I the CEO, or are you the CEO?&34; she spat, her voice
booming through their surroundings.

Elisa&39;s eyes narrowed as she glowered at Norman.

Norman wanted to mock Elisa based on what happened with the receptionist, but instead, Elisa yelled
at him for his brazen attitude.

He asked Elisa to demote him to a regular employee at Benett Corporation, believing that it was his
only chance to regain his status.

Norman knew exactly what Elisa was implying with her words.

However, he couldn&39;t go against her as he was still her subordinate.

&34;Ms. Benett, I believe anyone who disrespects you should be fired,&34; Norman responded politely.

Elisa was surprised by how Norman was willing to back down and speak to her politely.

Norman would have yelled at her for accusing him in the past.

But now…

What a joke!

&34;Why is a mere employee trying to tell me what to do?&34; Elisa instigated, her voice layered with

Norman&39;s eyes widened in shock, his lips trembling in fury.

Has she gone crazy? How dare she mock him in front of the other employees?

Elisa grinned, her eyes crinkled in satisfaction. She was well aware of the thoughts that were swirling
through his head.

The more Norman showed her deference, the more Elisa wanted to push his buttons.

She wanted to see Norman completely unhinged.

But Norman knew what she was trying to do. After all, he had been the head of Benett Corporation for

many years. How could he be so dense as to not understand her hidden agenda?

Norman immediately rejected her allegations, his lips spreading into a smile. &34;How dare I presume to
speak for Ms. Benett? I simply wanted to help you speak out against those who treat you with

&34;Ms. Benett, this is a good opportunity for you to set a precedent. Otherwise, the staff will think they can
get away with anything.&34;

He spoke with such conviction.

However, Elisa wasn&39;t going to let him get away with his tricks. Her smile twisted with exasperation as
she continued to provoke him, &34;Are you trying to tell me what to do?&34;

Norman took a step back from her. &34;Of course not. How could I overstep my bounds? I&39;m just an
employee here.&34;

He tried to act deferential, even though he wanted to put her in a bind.

If she continued to rebuke him, the other employees observing the scene would think she was too


Elisa chuckled softly, &34;If that&39;s not the case, then I believe you should not be interfering in how I handle
this matter. Didn&39;t I mention before that you should not allow your personal life to affect your work at
Benett Corporation? After all...&34;

Elisa spoke slowly and deliberately as if trying to make sure that Norman didn&39;t miss a single word.

She wanted to see Norman lose his cool, to see what he would do when he was no longer in control of
his emotions.

However, Norman didn&39;t take the bait.

He knew precisely what Elisa was hoping for, and he wouldn&39;t give her the satisfaction of seeing her

Knowing this, he was resolved not to let her get the better of him.

&34;... you&39;re a mere employee. Since when have working hours been this flexible?&34;

Elisa&39;s gaze fell on Norman, and the air crackled with tension.

Norman felt the pressure of her stare like a physical weight on his shoulders.

But he knew he had to keep his composure.

Norman forced a smirk onto his face, trying to look nonchalant. &34;Of course not,&34; he said through gritted
teeth. &34;I had to attend an appointment elsewhere.&34;

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