Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1568 Create Further Misunderstandings

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She was startled by his sudden appearance. Why had this jerk come here?

&34;Get in the car.&34;

Gareth demanded in a deep, emotionless voice.

Elisa had no reason to turn down a free ride, especially since he was already here.

Stacy and Elisa supported Mr. Lynch to the passenger seat behind.

Gareth&39;s face twisted into a deep scowl as he looked at her.

As Elisa was about to get into the back seat, Gareth stopped her. &34;Get in the front,&34; he said. &34;I have
something to talk to you about.&34;

Elisa did as she was told and got into the passenger seat beside him.

Gareth&39;s expression was inscrutable as he spoke. &34;How are you planning to help them?&34; he asked.

Gareth&39;s knowledge of Elisa&39;s whereabouts made it clear that he was not oblivious to the truth.

Elisa no longer felt the need to hide it from him. &34;I&39;m planning to get Mr. Lynch and Stacy a house near
the elementary school and have Stacy enrolled in her new school,&34; she replied.

She had already figured out the plans for Mr. Lynch and Stacy to settle in the city. Such matters were
trivial to her and Gareth.

After Elisa explained her plans, Gareth immediately called Thomas to get started on the arrangements.

Thomas was able to settle the matter in five minutes.

But Elisa didn&39;t feel grateful to Gareth for intervening.

She believed she could have handled it herself.

She didn&39;t want Gareth to be involved in her matters. &34;I told you I could handle it myself,&34; Elisa said with
an exaggerated sigh. &34;Why do you keep interfering in my personal affairs? Are you trying to make me
feel guilty?&34;

She was honest with him, even though she knew it would make him uncomfortable.

Elisa had tried to distance herself from Gareth, but he kept popping up in her life.

Gareth&39;s face turned grim as he raised his eyebrows in surprise. &34;Why do you think that of me? I didn&39;t
want you to get exhausted from handling this alone. There were no cars on the street when I got here.
Do you really think you could have gotten a taxi here?&34;

She would have had to wait for several hours.

Furthermore, she had to hold on to a frail middle-aged man!

When he thought of how close she had stood to the man as she supported him to walk, Gareth felt a
pang of jealousy.

Elisa was rendered speechless.

She couldn&39;t believe that Gareth was blaming her for this.

&34;I&39;m grateful you came here just in time to help us, but will you please be more mindful of what I told
you before?&34; Elisa asked, her tone laced with exasperation.

&34;Kay,&34; Gareth muttered softly. &34;I know you&39;re worried about the poison in my body and my injury, but
what&39;s to worry about with you beside me?&34;

Elisa&39;s eyebrows lifted in surprise.

Was that what she meant?

She turned to look at Gareth. His eyes were profound and unwavering as he focused on the road.

He should be glad he was driving and that the car had an excellent soundproofing system.

Otherwise, she would have lashed out at him there and then.

She didn&39;t want to pay attention to him anymore; she was tired of potentially creating further

Gareth immediately drove them to the house, which Thomas had already prepared.

Thomas was undoubtedly outstanding at his work. He had prepared a house with a bedroom and a

living room for the father and daughter, complete with all the necessary furniture.

Thomas had even thought of the school essentials.

There was a set of school supplies in the bedroom and an admission form for transfer students.

As Stacy and Mr. Lynch entered the bedroom, Thomas immediately handed them the keys and the

&34;Here is a form that you need to fill out and send to the school administration office.&34;

Before Mr. Lynch could say anything, Elisa took the form from him and said, &34;You rest at home. I&39;ll take
care of this.&34;

Gareth was stunned by Elisa&39;s actions.

He had never seen Elisa so eager to help him with his personal matters.

But this was a stranger. Why was she going out of her way to help him?

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