Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1559 I Refuse to Go to the Wedding

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At this point, Julia couldn&39;t help but sigh, her eyes filled with profound helplessness. After several
hesitant attempts to speak, she finally said again. &34;It&39;s not right for you to repay Grandma&39;s debts, but
these people insisted on finding a couple with an auspicious birthdate to attend the wedding. We
searched everywhere, and you and Gareth seemed to be a perfect fit. So, can you help Grandma out?&34;

Julia knew this was part of the show for the crowd.

Despite the family&39;s unethical decision to change their surname from Smith to Wickham to exploit their
association with the Wickhams, Julia saw this wedding as a promising opportunity. She had no choice
but to continue fabricating lies to bring them together.

Elisa was taken aback as Julia&39;s visit was related to this matter. The complexity and turmoil in her eyes
were evident.

She couldn&39;t disregard the sincerity in Julia&39;s eyes. The elderly eyes, no longer as sharp and bright,
held a faint veil.

Elisa&39;s gaze briefly fell upon Gareth&39;s aloofness, and her frustration broiled.

After much hesitation, Gareth finally spoke softly, &34;Grandma, as long as you can rest peacefully in the
hospital, I will attend this wedding with Lis. You can trust us.&34;

Before Elisa could utter a word, she was met with Gareth&39;s low, steady voice by her side.

Elisa was furious.

How could he? Elisa never wanted to go to the wedding, and now he agreed to Grandma&39;s idea.

She resisted the urge to scream but chose to stay silent in front of Grandma.

Upon hearing Gareth&39;s statement, Grandma&39;s spirits lifted instantly. She responded cheerfully, &34;Okay!
You can go to the wedding. I will focus on my treatment.&34;

The message was clear.

Elisa felt helpless and sighed, unable to protest any further. She continued chatting with Julia and even
provided her with a hand massage.

After Julia and Thomas left, Elisa&39;s smile faded, and she turned coldly towards Gareth and shot at him,
&34;Gareth, are you out of your mind? Did you not hear what I previously told you about? Are you an

She blurted those words angrily.

Gareth calmly explained, &34;Grandma went out of her way to come here, and the conversation had
already reached that point. We couldn&39;t possibly let her down, could we?&34;

&34;I know I made the promise to Grandma without your consent, but I assure you, this will be the last

Gareth had no interest in attending any wedding.

However, he didn&39;t want to miss any chance with her. Grandma&39;s efforts made him believe this wedding

could be a turning point.

Elisa&39;s simmering anger erupted as she unleashed a torrent of scathing words upon Gareth.

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