Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1557 Forget About What The 'Big Bad Wolf' Might Do to You

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Thomas was startled by an elderly voice; he turned around and saw it was Julia.

He quickly explained, &34;Oh, no, Old Madam Wickam. That was Mr. Wickam on the phone. I...&34;

Julia furrowed, and her expression turned serious.

&34;Thomas, you seemed really happy to get his call. Are you sure you&39;re not...?&34;

Thomas looked at Julia&39;s concerned face and didn&39;t know whether to laugh or cry.

He waved his hands and assured her, &34;No, no, Old Madam Wickam. I&39;m definitely not the person you
think I am. I was happy because Mr. Wickam told me he&39;s currently with Ms. Benett and asked me to
get them dinner!&34;

&34;Is that so?&34; Julia&39;s skeptical gaze didn&39;t waver, clearly showing that she didn&39;t believe him.

Thomas assured Julia, &34;Of course, it&39;s true, Old Madam Wickam. I&39;ve worked for Mr. Wickam for years;
you know me better than anyone. I&39;m not gay, and I&39;m not interested in Mr. Wickam. I&39;m happy because
I see him and Ms. Bennet getting closer!&34;

Julia was skeptical. After all, there had been no shortage of scandalous rumors about Gareth being gay
before he married Elisa.

She said to Thomas, &34;Hmm, let&39;s go together.&34;

Whether Thomas was gay or not, Julia knew she had to do something to help Gareth and Elisa. They

were meant to be together, and she wouldn&39;t let anything stand in her way.

Julia looked at Thomas, and she saw that he was sincere. Being a caring elderly, Julia was concerned
about Thomas too. She knew that Thomas had been working for Gareth for a long time, and she had
never heard rumors about him being gay.

She knew he had been working faithfully and diligently at Gareth&39;s side all these years. He had a good
character and was a good kid. For that very reason, she couldn&39;t just let it slide. So, she turned to
Thomas and said, &34;You&39;re not a kid anymore, Thomas. How come you&39;re still not seeing anyone?&34;

Thomas was startled.

He had been genuinely delighted by the progress between Gareth and Elisa. Now, not only was he
misunderstood by Old Madam Wickam about his sexual orientation, but he also had to endure her
nagging and prying on his private life. He felt utterly at a loss.

Nevertheless, he had no choice but to patiently explain, hoping to ease Old Madam Wickam&39;s doubts.

Thomas stated, &34;Old Madam Wickam, I want to prioritize my career now. That&39;s why I haven&39;t pursued
a romantic relationship.&34;

Julia nodded, understanding his perspective. &34;I see. In that case, would you like me to set you up with

Caught off guard once again.

Thomas sighed resignedly, dreading the potential disruption to his peaceful single life.

&34;Old Madam Wickam, let&39;s forget about setting me up with someone. I think it&39;s best if I go deliver the
food now,&34; Thomas proposed.

Thomas couldn&39;t shake off the thought that Julia had mentioned accompanying him to deliver the food.
If he let her come along to where Gareth and Elisa were, it would be like walking into a lion&39;s den.

Julia immediately protested, her unwillingness apparent, &34;Didn&39;t you agree to it just now? And now you
suddenly don&39;t want me to come? I&39;m an old lady, but Thomas, don&39;t you dare pull the wool over me?&34;

As Julia spoke, her expression grew dark, revealing her displeasure.

Naturally, Thomas wouldn&39;t dare to deceive her. He quickly explained, &34;Old Madam Wickam, it&39;s not
what you think. I&39;m worried that Mr. Wickam...&34;

Before Thomas could finish, Julia let out disdainful snorts as she interjected, &34;Aren&39;t I here with you?
Why worry about what the &39;big bad wolf&39; might do to you?&34;

Sensing her determination, Thomas realized it wasn&39;t the appropriate time to say anything more.

Under Julia&39;s watchful eye, they swiftly prepared a sumptuous dinner.

Consequently, Gareth was taken aback by Julia&39;s unexpected presence.

He shot an intense glare at Thomas, who appeared innocent and helpless.

Observing Gareth&39;s menacing gaze, Julia quickly positioned herself before Thomas, silently declaring
her stance to protect Thomas from his intimidation.

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