Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1556 Do You Have a Girlfriend?

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She didn&39;t care if those people were close relatives or distant relatives; it was irrelevant to her.

She had no intention of going. She refused to continue pretending with Gareth, putting on a charade for
others. Besides...

Elisa had thought about it. If she truly loved and cared for Julia, she needed to be upfront and honest.
Elisa refused to keep lying and pretending to be something with Gareth before Julia when they weren&39;t.
The guilt would eat at her, and she didn&39;t want to live with that regret until Julia took her last breath.

It wasn&39;t feasible, especially when she had her own life to live. Everything shouldn&39;t revolve around
Julia or even the other members of the Wickam family.

So, Elisa had to make her stance clear.

&34;Gareth, I gotta say, your explanations are redundant to me. The truth is, I said what I said &39;cause I
don&39;t wanna go, and I&39;m done playing these roles with you. Once I head back, my focus will be on
Grandma&39;s health and helping you recover from your injuries, but then I&39;m back to living my own life.&34;

Elisa had her own journey to embark on and had to dig into her birth mother&39;s business.

And as for Benett Corporation...

It had been forever since she stepped foot in that place, and Norman&39;s discontent ran deep. He wasn&39;t
the type to easily let go of his ambitions.

She had to find out what Norman was scheming and make the most of the situation!

Elisa decided to lay it all out on the table, being straightforward and severing ties with Gareth. She
wore the same expression and attitude and exuded the same demeanor as when she handed him the
divorce papers.

With her current mindset, there was no way they could possibly get back together.

But what about Grandma?

Gareth pursed his lips, paused momentarily, and then echoed Elisa&39;s words.

In a subdued voice, he concurred, &34;I get where you&39;re coming from. You&39;re an exceptional doctor, and I
know you also understand Grandma&39;s condition. Even if she receives treatment with Ganoderma
Caligo and recovers, she&39;s already so old. How much longer do you think she can go on?&34;

&34;Have you ever thought that even if Grandma wants us to reconcile and be together again, do I have to
pretend with you for three, five, or even ten years? Gareth, you&39;re nothing to me anymore. You&39;re not
deserving of that!&34;

Gareth&39;s words angered Elisa.

Gareth fell into silence.

Not deserving...

Then who would be deserving of her?


Or Eden? Or that scheming and influential Mr. Carrerra?

However, he held back from voicing his thoughts. Elisa could feel a headache coming on. &34;Gareth,
please, stop talking about these things. It&39;s really starting to annoy me!&34;

Gareth responded nonchalantly.

Shortly after, Gareth pulled the car over. Elisa walked away, leaving Gareth behind. However, he
caught up to her, maintaining a certain distance.

After contemplating, he spoke slowly, &34;What do you feel like having for dinner tonight?&34;

When they returned from Hoover Homestead, it was already past five o&39;clock in the evening. They
usually had dinner at a regular time. But Elisa had no interest in venturing out anymore.

She casually replied, &34;Let&39;s just order room service.&34;

With that, she left Gareth behind.

Gareth wasn&39;t upset. Instead, he dialed Thomas&39;s number, &34;Get dinner ready and have it sent to Room
1101 at Milo De Casa in the Medicine Market.&34;

&34;Got it. I&39;ll take care of it,&34; Thomas quickly complied, feeling slightly surprised.

Had Elisa and Gareth stayed in Moranta purely for convenience, but now that they were back in the

country and still sticking together, could it mean their relationship was evolving? It&39;s funny how
something that began as a façade can transform into reality, and what was once real can turn into a
charade. Maybe they were on the path to reconciliation?

With these thoughts in mind, Thomas found himself quite content.

Julia also caught a glimpse of Thomas&39; expression. She narrowed her eyes and smiled as she playfully
pried, &34;Got yourself a girlfriend already, huh?&34;

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