Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1553 Intense Sadness

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Before Gareth could utter a word, Elisa cut him off abruptly.

Her tone was colder than ever, &34;Gareth, I agreed to come here because I thought you had some
unfinished business. But now... Please, if you have something to say in the future, don&39;t disguise it as a
grand gesture and engage in these meaningless acts!&34;

With these words, Elisa turned around to leave.

However, before she could take a single step, Gareth swiftly caught hold of her arm.

Amidst the vast expanse of the flower field, his expression turned solemn.

He gazed at her intently and spoke sincerely, &34;Bringing you here was not meaningless, Elisa. Isn&39;t this
the kind of place you&39;ve always longed to visit?&34;

Through her phone conversations with Rachel, her paintings, and her posts on Twitter, he had gathered
hints of her yearning for such places.

Gareth wanted to express his feelings for Elisa in a setting she cherished.

Hoover Homestead was a popular destination for couples. Although Gareth hadn&39;t made any
reservations, he had used his connections and resources to ensure the area was cleared for their
private use.

But such details were inconsequential to him; all he desired was to bring Elisa a genuine smile.

Gareth firmly believed that he could do anything as long as it was something Elisa truly wanted.

Gareth was confident that he could do better than those men with hidden motives who surrounded

Elisa remained silent, listening attentively without uttering a word.

She never expected Gareth to remember her preferences.

But, as she had previously stated, it was all too late.

&34;Gareth, the things I liked three years ago and the things I like now are different. Moreover, I no longer
have any expectations for marriage. How could you think I would still enjoy these things?&34;

Gareth let out a gentle sigh. Observing her trembling eyelashes and tightly pursed lips, he knew she
wasn&39;t as unaffected as she claimed to be. With sincerity, he looked at her and spoke softly, &34;Personal
preferences can change in an instant. I admit I&39;ve been a jerk, causing you pain and disappointment. I
hope you&39;ll give me a chance to rekindle our love and revive our marriage.&34;

Elisa gazed at Gareth in astonishment.

She couldn&39;t believe he was saying such sugar-coated and cheesy things.

For a moment, Elisa was too shocked to respond.

Elisa&39;s moment of silence allowed Gareth to make his plea.

Gareth tenderly held her hand, his large palm enveloping hers, and a rush of warmth coursed through
her. It jolted Elisa back to reality in an instant.

She swiftly withdrew her hand, cutting off the words Gareth was about to speak.

Accompanying her action was a resolute rejection, &34;Gareth, I&39;ve made myself perfectly clear. I don&39;t
want to entertain romantic feelings anymore, and I have no desire to be involved in marriage. You don&39;t
need to ask me for a chance or anything of that sort in this place. I won&39;t be deceived or allow myself to
be hurt again.&34;

Elisa&39;s stance was unequivocal.

Elisa concluded that her attempts to thaw Gareth&39;s icy heart over the past three years had been in vain.

She couldn&39;t help but ridicule herself for the futile efforts she had invested.

No sense of dignity, grace, or purpose. How pathetic.

Elisa&39;s resolute stance felt like an invisible grip on Gareth&39;s heart, shattering his hopes.

At that moment, he felt a suffocating sensation in his chest, as if all the air had been sucked out.

Nevertheless, he chose to hold onto his own feelings.

Gareth lowered his head towards Elisa, offering a sincere apology, &34;I understand that I&39;ve wronged you,
and I truly want a chance to make things right...&34;

Within his captivating gaze, a layer of profound sadness seemed to linger.

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