Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1550 Screaming

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Gareth&39;s eyes gleamed briefly with a cold, piercing intensity, overshadowed by a strong sense of

&34;Whoever it is. I hope his courage is enough, but I doubt his luck will hold.&34;

Gareth dropped these words with a cold tone, his hand firmly clasping Elisa&39;s waist as they continued
their stride.

However, his actions stirred something deep within her, making her uneasy. She instinctively tried to
push him away. &34;Gareth, what are you doing? It&39;s just someone following us...&34;

His sudden action caught her off guard. Although Elisa had no idea who was trailing them, fear was the
last thing on her mind. And naturally, Gareth felt the same way.

He spoke with determination, &34;They are coming for my family again. I won&39;t let anything happen to

Elisa didn&39;t say anything because she didn&39;t know how to react.

Shortly after, Gareth guided her into a car. However, Gareth intended to take the driver&39;s seat.
Observing this, Elisa promptly intervened. &34;Just give me the address, and I&39;ll drive.&34;

&34;No need,&34; Gareth refused her, and in the next instant, he was already in the driver&39;s seat, buckling up
his seatbelt.

Elisa was well aware of Gareth&39;s assertive nature, knowing that he always had the final say. So, she

dropped the subject and went along with him. Settling into the back seat, she watched as the scenery
outside gradually receded.

Through the rearview mirror, she noticed a silver-white van trailing them at a consistent distance. If she
had spotted it, there was no doubt that Gareth had seen it too.

After driving for more than an hour, Gareth finally pulled over. Elisa glanced at the destination: Hoover
Homestead. It was a renowned tourist spot in Southdale.

The resort boasted natural hot springs and expansive fields of blooming flowers that stretched across
interconnected mountains. It even offered hot air balloon rides that could take you to the sky.

It was a popular destination for romantic getaways.

During their three-year marriage, Elisa had often imagined experiencing the blissful romance of an
ordinary couple with Gareth. This was the kind of place she had always wanted to visit.

After all, she was a woman who longed for love, passion, and a lifetime together with her significant

But now—

They were divorced, and she no longer harbored any expectations for love.

Elisa turned her head to gaze at Gareth, perplexed, &34;Why did you bring me to this place?&34;

For one, they were not in a romantic relationship; and another, they had an unknown person following


On top of that, plenty of gossip and scandals were circulating about them.

However, Gareth evaded her question and refrained from addressing the issue. He pursed his lips and
said, &34;Let&39;s go inside.&34;

Just as Elisa was about to speak up, she caught a glimpse, from the corner of her eye, of the person
she had spotted earlier—a cap-wearing individual covertly tailing them near the hotel entrance.

She surmised that Gareth was trying to trick the person following them.

Keeping this thought to herself, Elisa refrained from saying anything and followed Gareth inside.

He shot her a meaningful look, and she instantly got the message.

Taking a quick survey of her surroundings, Elisa took two steps forward, then discreetly positioned
herself behind a large stone pillar.

Gareth positioned himself on the opposite side, ready for whatever was about to happen.

They found refuge in a quiet, deserted corner of the corridors.

After a while, they could hear approaching footsteps.

They exchanged a knowing look, and Elisa contemplated taking down the stalker first, considering
Gareth&39;s injury.

To her surprise, Gareth anticipated her plan and acted swiftly.

A scream of agony pierced the air as Gareth struck, swiftly followed by a powerful kick. The cap-
wearing figure crumpled to the ground, emitting a sound reminiscent of a wounded animal.

Unfazed by the person&39;s cries, Gareth continued his assault, stomping down on the intruder&39;s back, and
forcefully pinning him to the ground.

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