Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1551 What Do You Mean?

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Gareth&39;s face contorted with a frown as he pressed the intruder, demanding harshly, &34;Who put you up
to following us?&34;

Elisa could discern from the person&39;s physique that it was a man. Yet, since Gareth had posed the
question, she decided to let him handle the situation while she observed from a distance.

Pinned down beneath Gareth&39;s weight, the man whimpered, &34;N-No one... I&39;m here on my own. I thought
I could snap some exclusive photos of the two of you to boost my online presence. Nobody sent me...&34;

Neither Gareth nor Elisa found his explanation convincing.

How could he have followed them so methodically if nobody had instructed him?

Elisa noticed Gareth was on the brink of resorting to force, so she quickly gestured, signaling him to
stop. Gareth complied.

The next instant, Elisa revealed a silver needle in her hand, a chilling smirk on her lips. &34;Since you&39;re a
journalist, I&39;m sure you&39;re familiar with the recent news of a neurologist who murdered his wife with a
needle, aren&39;t you?&34;

The man&39;s spine tingled at Elisa&39;s words. He was a journalist, and the news she mentioned had caused
quite a commotion. How could he not be aware of it?

Elisa&39;s smile sent a shiver down his back, making him feel like he was facing a venomous snake or a
deadly scorpion.

He pleaded desperately, &34;You&39;re right. I&39;m a journalist, and I know about that news. I can show you my
camera and press credentials if you don&39;t believe me. Please, don&39;t do this...&34;

Elisa removed the man&39;s cap and mask, revealing an ordinary-looking man in his twenties. Just as she
was about to search for him, Gareth took the lead and did it himself, finding his press credentials and a
small camera.

Elisa looked closer at the man&39;s press credentials and read the name &39;Felix Quay&39;. His claims seemed
valid—he had come for the sake of publicity.

These paparazzi these days had no limits to their audacity. They would go to extreme lengths and act
without any restraint.

Initially, Elisa had considered letting him go. Then, her attention was caught by a flickering red light in
his pocket. Swiftly, she retrieved it—it turned out to be a recording pen.

&34;It&39;s three o&39;clock now. If any negative stories were to circulate within two hours, rest assured you&39;ll die
a gruesome death!&34;

Elisa crushed the recording pen right before his eyes and confiscated the memory chip as a
precautionary measure.

Gareth didn&39;t mince his words, &34;F*ck off now!&34;

Felix had planned to capture a few snapshots discreetly. Still, he never expected to be caught red-
handed before he could even begin.

Felix found himself in a sticky situation.

Trapped between Gareth, a major player in the city and a force to be reckoned with nationwide, and a
woman brandishing a lethal silver needle, her eyes radiating pure ruthlessness. He was petrified, on
the verge of wetting himself.

With neither Elisa nor Gareth making a move against him, Felix swiftly scrambled to his feet and
foundering away in haste.

As Felix sprinted off, he tasted a metallic tang of blood in his mouth.

Once they were done dealing with the man, Elisa was ready to leave, but Gareth grabbed her arm.

Elisa turned to him, a puzzled expression on her face, &34;What&39;s wrong?&34;

Now that they had dealt with their tracker, it was essential for them to make a swift exit.

Gareth pursed his lips and spoke deliberately, &34;The situation isn&39;t resolved yet. Come with me.&34;


Elisa complied, following Gareth&39;s lead as he navigated through corridors, alleys, and narrow paths.

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