Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1549 We Are Being Followed

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Elisa could justify it by telling Gareth that he got injured because of her, so it made sense for her to
check his wounds.

Elisa pursed her lips and continued, &34;You know what? It&39;s no big deal. I think you&39;re being
unreasonable. Please remove your shirt, and let me check those wounds.&34;

But Gareth quickly countered, &34;If I agree to let you check my wounds, will you come with me?&34;

Elisa was left speechless. This guy sure knew how to negotiate!

&34;Where exactly are we supposed to go?&34; Elisa asked, curiosity tinged with a hint of impatience.

Gareth remained composed as he replied, &34;If you come with me, you&39;ll find out soon enough, won&39;t

Elisa grew increasingly frustrated with his stubborn attitude but didn&39;t want to be rude or ignore him. So,
she decided to preface her statement.

&34;Hold on a minute. Let me make this clear. If the place is too far or if your wounds are serious, count
me out,&34;

&34;It&39;s not far, and I&39;m feeling perfectly fine now. If you&39;re so desperate to see it, I can show you,&34; Gareth
responded, leaving Elisa surprised.

What did he mean by saying she was desperate to see it?

Elisa glared at him and said, &34;Say what? I&39;m not desperate and couldn&39;t care less about your injury. Do
you think I have any desire to spare a glance at you if it weren&39;t for the fact that you were nosy and
injured because of me? Just so you know, I would have let you suffer if it weren&39;t for that reason.&34;

&34;Oh, is that so?&34; Gareth retorted, his gaze questioning and indifferent.

Elisa couldn&39;t comprehend Gareth&39;s current state of mind. She continued to glare at him and spoke
plainly, &34;Otherwise? Don&39;t you forget we have no connection or obligations between us anymore? So,
hurry up, I need to rest, and I don&39;t have time to waste with you here.&34;

Gareth didn&39;t respond, maintaining his indifferent expression.

Just as Elisa was about to urge him again, he calmly unbuttoned his shirt revealing two distinct sutures
and two wounds she had stitched up. These surgical sutures didn&39;t require removal, and there was no
redness or swelling around them. Elisa couldn&39;t help but be pleased with Gareth&39;s recovery.

He had been shot twice, each time narrowly avoiding a fatal blow.

The poison still lingered in his body, and the bullet in his chest... If it had been a hair&39;s breadth closer, it
would have shattered his heart, and he would have been six feet under.

Gareth had been warned about his critical condition after the surgery. Yet, he never took his injuries
and the poison in his body seriously, whether back in Moranta or upon his return to the country.

Elisa felt annoyed, &34;Do you really think you&39;re invincible?&34;

Gareth looked down and felt a slight ache in his chest, but he didn&39;t even furrow his brow. Elisa could

only see one wound sewn up like a winding trail. There was no bleeding, and the swelling wasn&39;t too

Considering all that...

Gareth contemplated that aspect and raised his gaze, meeting Elisa&39;s glistening eyes. He remained
silent, letting his actions speak for themselves.

Elisa felt unsettled under his intense gaze. His face radiated an ethereal charm. Besides, she had once
been infatuated with him.

Elisa quickly averted her eyes, feeling uneasy under his intense gaze. &34;Why are you staring at me like
that? If I can be upfront and honest with you, can&39;t you do the same? I can&39;t read minds.&34;

However, Gareth remained composed as he replied, &34;There&39;s nothing more to say. Can you come with
me now?&34;

&34;Fine,&34; Elisa reluctantly agreed. Deep down, she wanted to find out what Gareth was up to!

As they walked out of the hotel together, Elisa immediately noticed a person wearing a cap tailing them
from a distance.

She leaned towards Gareth and whispered, &34;We&39;re being followed.

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