Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1543 How Do You Plan to Help Me

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Just then, Julia let out a cough, realizing it was inappropriate to reveal the episode.

Mr. Jones was confused. &34;What did you want to say, Madam?&34;

&34;Oh, nothing. Anyway, I&39;m sure they&39;ll get back together. Maybe it won&39;t take long before I have a great-
grandchild!&34; Following that, her Plan A was about to take place while Mr. Jones smiled in

The news of Gareth and Elisa became a trending topic on Twitter and even caused the website to
crash. When Rachel and Nicole saw the news from abroad, their reactions were unexpectedly the
same. Both were furious, especially Nicole.

She lost her cool and ragingly smashed things around her. She was waiting for a chance to tackle Elisa
but didn&39;t expect Elisa and Gareth to have returned to Zovain!

She gritted her teeth in anger as she gripped the cup she was about to smash tightly.

She reckoned Elisa and Gareth had most likely reconciled from the pictures the reporters captured.
She couldn&39;t accept it and would never let them get back together and live a happy life!

&34;Aah!&34; Nicole bellowed in exasperation and threw the cup onto the floor, causing it to shatter into

&34;Go and arrange a private plane immediately! I have to go back!&34; Nicole was determined to return to

However, before her subordinate could answer, a mocking voice came forth. &34;There are many good
places in Moranta that I&39;ve yet to show you. If you leave so soon…&34;

After Nicole angrily drove away from KKCD Casino a few days ago, it was the first time Aaron met her.

Nicole thought Aaron had left her life, but the man whom she harbored intense hatred toward appeared

At that moment, Nicole was overwhelmed with anger and wouldn&39;t listen to him. &34;Cut the crap! You
should understand that just because I didn&39;t do anything to you doesn&39;t mean that I can&39;t!&34;

She couldn&39;t care less about Aaron&39;s social status in Moranta. He was the root of all evil; she could
never forget that night&39;s painful experience!

When Aaron perceived the intense rage and determination in Nicole&39;s eyes, he knew she had become
aware of his identity. He had never intended to conceal it from her. He knew why Nicole intended to
return to Zovain, so he came.

It was not only for Nicole&39;s sake, but he also wanted to put Elisa to death because Elisa was now
involved in the Fawler family&39;s feud.

Aaron answered with a smile, &34;I understand your meaning.&34;

Nicole shot a fierce glare at him. &34;Since you understand, you should get lost!&34;

Nicole was determined to settle scores with Aaron after dealing with Elisa and Gareth and restoring her

Aaron remained smiling despite sensing Nicole&39;s disgust and resolution. &34;It won&39;t be beneficial to you if
I get lost. I can go back with you and help you turn the tide.&34;

Nicole didn&39;t answer but stared at Aaron with narrowed eyes. She wavered when she saw his cunning
smirk and was reminded of his identity and random appearance.

&34;I see. How do you plan to help me?&34; Nicole took a step forward.

Although she wavered, she wouldn&39;t allow Aaron to deceive her again like last time.

Aaron&39;s grin remained plastered on his face as he answered.

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