Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1524 Bad Tempered

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Rachel was rendered speechless.

Vincent seemed in such a good mood a while ago. I don&39;t believe that he is bankrupt.

Hmph! Who knows what devious tricks he is up to this time to get his mother&39;s heirloom?

&34;Show me the message informing you that your accounts have been frozen,&34; Rachel requested

Vincent had nothing to show.

He could not search for one online as Rachel was watching him.

That also made it difficult for him to contact his subordinate to fabricate one for him.

As Vincent was still hesitating, Rachel said, &34;Stop pretending. Don&39;t even dream of tricking me! I won&39;t
fall for it!&34;

Vincent was rendered speechless.

Nothing gets through this woman!

He was on the verge of losing his temper and wanted to argue.

However, he considered and decided to resist it.

It was unwise to argue with the bad-tempered Rachel.

Vincent raised his hands and said, &34;It&39;s not my intention to trick you. Instead, I sincerely request that
you let me stay. Can you please let me stay here for Elisa&39;s sake?&34;

He humbled himself as he requested.

Rachel was rendered speechless.

She frowned in confusion. &34;What does Elisa have to do with this?&34;

Vincent answered, &34;Gareth is my best friend. Since Gareth and Elisa were married, you and I are
closely connected. Furthermore, Elisa would never abandon someone in need. Rachel, please take me
in. Once I resolve the conflict with my father, I will reward you.&34;

He thumped his chest as he spoke and promised solemnly.

However, Rachel did not need the reward he offered.

She glanced at the time and saw it was past one in the morning.

She suddenly recalled something and smiled slyly. &34;I can consider letting you stay with me if you bring
me to Moranta.&34;


Vincent did not expect her to grab the chance to make such a request.

Rachel looked at him and continued coldly, &34;What&39;s wrong? You should have expected to pay
something of equal value when you asked to stay here. There&39;s no such thing as free lunch.&34;

Vincent refused immediately, &34;That&39;s impossible. My properties have been frozen. How can I bring you
to Moranta?&34;

Rachel took a few steps closer and placed her hand on his shoulder. &34;You might not have money, but
you have Gareth&39;s phone number, right?&34;

Elisa refused to let Rachel go to Moranta and did not reveal details of her location.

But Gareth was different.

Although she understood Elisa&39;s concern, she could not help but worry about her being alone with that
scoundrel, Gareth.

Therefore, she was determined to go there and keep his hands off her.

Vincent instantly understood what Rachel was up to upon hearing her.

However, he did not want to ruin Gareth&39;s best chance to spend time alone with Elisa.

If I were to go to Moranta during this critical time, I might be interrupting something between Gareth
and Elisa.

No, I can&39;t do that.

Gareth will kill me.

Therefore, he refused to give Rachel any chance to contact Gareth.

He feigned ignorance and said, &34;Gareth and Elisa are in Moranta for an important business. Why
should we go there?&34;

&34;You asked why we should go? Why do you think I want to go there? Gareth is a scoundrel! He has
divorced Liz. Why does he keep pestering her? Of course, I have to go. How can I do nothing and let
him snatch her away? I can&39;t let him hurt Elisa again!&34;

Rachel became agitated.

She hated Gareth for what he did. Thus, talking about him only made her even angrier.

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