Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1519 She Chose to Trust Him

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Gareth&39;s expression darkened upon hearing her.

It was because he realized what Elisa&39;s true aim was.

However, Elisa was puzzled by his reaction. &34;You were fine a moment ago. What&39;s wrong with you this

How could people say that women are as unpredictable as the weather?

From what I see, Gareth is the best example of that saying.

Gareth pursed his lips and pondered briefly before asking, &34;You won&39;t let anyone help you. Tell me the
truth. Are you planning to infiltrate the enemy camp alone?&34;

Elisa was rendered speechless.

His words revealed that he had been watching her since she picked up the call.

I don&39;t need anyone to help me, nor do I want to get anyone involved. What&39;s so strange about that?

Still, she was not angry.

Instead, she looked at Gareth calmly and said, &34;You&39;re injured, and we divorced long ago. Rachel is a
woman from an ordinary background. How can I ask you two to help?&34;

I&39;m not heartless.

How can I endanger you and Rachel over this matter?

Unexpectedly, Gareth retorted immediately, &34;Who are you planning to ask?&34;

Gareth stared at Elisa as he asked that question, refusing to give her any chance to escape.

Elisa could not help but frown. &34;I don&39;t know. Why do you insist on dwelling on this matter?&34;

She had told him all she had to say. Yet, he stubbornly clung to the matter.

The answer stunned Gareth.

Why do I keep dwelling on the matter?


Isn&39;t it because Elisa is approached by too many people of unknown backgrounds and motives?

Isn&39;t it because I worry she could be tricked or threatened? Am I concerned that something could
happen to her?

Gareth was shocked by his thoughts.

Why am I so concerned about her?

Elisa was confused by Gareth&39;s prolonged silence.

She asked, &34;You asked me, and I asked you a question in return. Why aren&39;t you answering?&34;

Her question awakened him from his thoughts.

However, he did not answer her immediately but thought silently before saying, &34;I ask that question to
confirm whether you have someone to protect you. Judging from the situation, Elisa, more than one
party desires your death.&34;

Gareth focused on Elisa as he said that.

His pupils darkened, and they appeared solemn.

At the same time, Gareth had a calm and severe expression. One could see that he was not lying.

Elisa was keenly aware that many people wanted her dead.

However, she had not attempted anything and was still in the casino.

At least her uncle was here. He would protect her.

However, things were different for Gareth.

She could see that her uncle hated seeing him.

That was why Elisa wanted Gareth to recover quickly and leave Moranta immediately.

While he was still recovering, Elisa would stay by his side and ensure he would not be affected by her
uncle&39;s dislike for him.

Elisa chuckled and said, &34;Thank you for your concern, but don&39;t worry. I won&39;t let anything happen to
me. Moreover, my uncle is with me. He will keep me safe.&34;

Although Gareth had raised concern about her uncle, she trusted him.

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