Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1515 Small Fry

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Seeing that Gareth did not speak, Elisa continued, &34;Gareth, I don&39;t like to keep repeating the same
matter. I&39;ll change your bandages now.&34;

She stood up as she said that.

Then, she unwrapped the bandages on Gareth&39;s wound and discovered the stitched wound was red,
swollen, and irritated.

She applied the herbal ointment she formulated on it.

The herbs were potent and stung when applied to the skin. Unexpectedly, Gareth only frowned and did
not make a sound.

Elisa was impressed with his pain tolerance.

Previously, Gareth had undergone surgery and was unconscious when she bandaged him. However,
he was wide awake this time.

Elisa&39;s hand moved to his back as she bandaged him.

They were so close that Elisa could smell a light medicinal scent mixed with his pheromone. She could
also hear his relaxed heartbeat.

Elisa held her breath.

It was her first time being this close to him since their divorce.


Gareth suddenly called her by her nickname.

&34;Yes?&34; Elisa raised her eyebrows, unsure what Gareth wanted to say.

However, Gareth remained silent. His Adam&39;s apple trembled as he struggled to form words. All he
could focus on was the light fragrance from her body.


Elisa finished bandaging his wound and let go of him to stand up. Unexpectedly, her waist bumped
against Gareth&39;s arm, causing her to lose balance and fall into his embrace.

&34;Gareth, are… are you okay?&34;

She remembered Gareth was injured and immediately tried to get up.

Gareth shook his head.

The atmosphere between them…

Gareth parted his mouth to speak but did not know what to say.

In the end, it was Elisa who spoke first. &34;What food do you feel like having? I&39;ll prepare it for you.&34;

He needed healthy and nutritious food to recover from his injuries.

Furthermore, Elisa was concerned about the drug residue in his body. She hoped it would not trigger a
relapse now. Otherwise, it would severely worsen his already painful condition.

Gareth shook his head again.

The atmosphere turned silent.

As Elisa was confused about what to say, Gareth broke the silence. &34;Are you sure you don&39;t want me to
go with you?&34;

Gareth focused his gaze on her as he asked.

Elise could not figure out why, but she felt an unexplainable strange feeling when she saw Gareth&39;s

It made her feel uncomfortable.

Elisa nodded. &34;You&39;re injured. How can you be of help to me? I will contact Thomas later and tell him to
ensure Grandma consumes Ganoderma Caligo. Then, he can come here again.&34;

&34;Are you going to tell Thomas to bring me home while you go off to deal with those matters? I know you
have an arrangement with the casino owner, but are you not suspicious about his identity?&34; Gareth
pursed his lips and brought up the critical matter.

Gareth believed everyone would reveal their true color at critical moments.

Elisa was intelligent, but she was still a woman. Gareth was concerned that she would be susceptible
to being tricked.

Elisa understood what Gareth was implying.

She sighed before answering, &34;I&39;ve checked all the required proofs. A prominent casino owner like him
does not need to fabricate documents to form a connection with a small fry like me, right?&34;

Small fry?

Gareth wanted to laugh when he heard Elisa say those two words.

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