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Chapter 1508 Clueless

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Elisa had brought it on herself.

Across from her, a man looked at her with a faint smile. &34;I like seeing you like this.&34;

Nicole&39;s expression froze, and she quickly came to her senses before looking at him. She was

Aaron narrowed his eyes. &34;Honey, you look adorable when you&39;re plotting against others.&34;

Nicole looked at him coldly. Ultimately, she said indifferently, &34;I&39;m advising you not to be so

Aaron immediately raised his brows and said with a beam, &34;How am I meddlesome? I&39;ve always
supported you. Don&39;t you know that?&34;

His voice was always so calm and at ease.

Nicole glanced at him indifferently and didn&39;t say anything else.

It was time!

Just as Nicole had arranged, Elisa&39;s video spread on the Internet!

Elisa&39;s cell phone was charging in her room.

She was unaware of public opinion about her and the accusations hurled at her.

Rachel called her repeatedly and was very anxious. &34;What on earth is Liz doing?! Why isn&39;t she
answering her phone?!&34;

Not only had she called Elisa, but she had also looked for Elisa in her group chat. Rachel and Sheena
discussed this for a long time but couldn&39;t contact her!

Rachel&39;s brows furrowed tightly, and she paced in the house, but…

She no longer hesitated when she thought of how Elisa was with Gareth. She called someone else!

Before she said anything, the other party said excitedly, &34;My dearest! You finally called me because you
miss me!&34;

Rachel was dumbstruck.

Stupid depraved man!

She was utterly flabbergasted at how he always harassed her like this!

Rachel didn&39;t want to beat around the bush. She asked directly, &34;Has Gareth contacted you recently?
Did he say what&39;s going on there? They were looking for Ganoderma Caligo, but why is Liz nowhere to
be found?&34;

She was anxious because she couldn&39;t contact Elisa.

Vincent&39;s expression immediately turned dark!

&34;D*mn! Don&39;t you miss me? Why do you always think about others?!&34;

&34;Stupid! I have no time to talk about such things with you now! Are you in contact with Gareth? There&39;s
an urgent situation!&34;

Vincent furrowed his brows and said, &34;Why would Gareth contact me since he&39;s with Elisa? Don&39;t worry.
With Gareth around, how could he let Elisa get into trouble?&34;

Even if Gareth seemed incompetent, he was still a man.

Although if he hadn&39;t been able to maintain his three-year marriage with Elisa, in any case, he deemed
Elisa as his woman.

Even if it were all in the past, Gareth wouldn&39;t ignore her.

Be that as it may, Rachel still felt that something was unusual about this.

She frowned, and her expression was dark. &34;Did you see what was released online?&34;

Vincent wrinkled his brows, perplexed. &34;What was released online?&34;

Elisa hadn&39;t returned, and he hadn&39;t progressed with Rachel.

He couldn&39;t develop any strategies recently, so he didn&39;t have the time to care about gossip on the

Rachel gave up when she saw how clueless Vincent was.

&34;Alright. It was a mistake to call and ask you. Quickly give me Gareth&39;s cell phone number.&34;

It was better to ask the person in question rather than Vincent.

She also wanted to ask Gareth how long they had to look for Ganoderma Caligo!

Vincent was instantly displeased. &34;… You called to ask about another man. It&39;s fine that you don&39;t care
about me, but you&39;re asking for another man&39;s number. Rachel, you…&34;

Vincent indicated that he was hurt.

But this made Rachel feel disdainful. She couldn&39;t help but chide Vincent. &34;D*mn! Can you get yourself
together?! It&39;s nauseating when you&39;re like this. Quickly give me his number. I don&39;t have the time to
spout rubbish with you!&34;

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