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Chapter 1513 Public Humiliation

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&34;Nicole, this is not how I raised you. Didn&39;t I say never to do something unless you are sure? You even
promised me before you left. Look what you&39;ve done! How could you humiliate me like this?&34;

Nicole could keenly sense her father&39;s fury through the phone.

He would have slapped her if he was standing before her right now.

Nicole was smart.

She knew it must have been something severe that made her father furious.

&34;What happened?&34; She felt a growing sense of unease.

&34;You dare to ask what happened? How can you not know what you did? See for yourself!&34;

Nicole&39;s expression changed. Isn&39;t Elisa the one trending on Twitter? What does it have to do with me?

She did not dare to hesitate and turned on her phone immediately, only to be shocked.

People were no longer criticizing Elisa on various social media platforms.

Instead, Nicole replaced Elisa as the trending topic.

Vicious, shameless, sl*t, and wh*re were among the many derogatory words used against her.

The surveillance camera had recorded when she took off a hyper-realistic silicone mask of Elisa&39;s face.

Furthermore, the video recording showed Gareth scolding her furiously when she came to him in the
private lounge.

How did this happen?

Nicole could not help but tremble. How could this happen? How?

Her face was shrouded with panic. She had no idea what she should do.

She was on cloud nine a moment ago, but Elisa dragged her into the depths of hell.

She had fallen from grace and became the city&39;s most despicable figure.

The perfect image she cultivated so well was utterly ruined. Everyone throughout the country saw what
she did. No! I won&39;t accept this! I can&39;t give in!

However, she had no choice but to hold down her anger. She humbly pleaded for her father&39;s

&34;Dad, I&39;m sorry. It&39;s my fault. My mistake has dragged the family into trouble, but don&39;t worry. I will make
sure to fix this today!&34;

I will make Elisa pay for what she did!

I will make sure Gareth never treats me like he did in the surveillance video again!

Nicole clenched her fists as she thought about this.

Although Bernard Tabor was still angry after hearing her, he would not be so cruel as to do anything to
his biological daughter.

Furthermore, there were thousands of miles between them. He could not do anything even if he wanted

Still, Bernard&39;s anger refused to die down. &34;Do as you see fit. If you fail to turn the matter around, our
family will never be able to hold our heads up again! Gareth and Elisa are important. Do you

&34;Yes.&34; Nicole nodded.

Everything started because of Gareth and Elisa. How could she not understand what her father was

Bernard had nothing else to say and hung up straight away.

On the other hand, Nicole finally had the chance to vent her frustration.

&34;Stop the car!&34;

She glared at the driver in front and ordered, &34;Get out! I&39;ll drive!&34;

The driver worked for her. He had no choice but to do as she demanded.

&34;Why are you still here?&34;

Nicole glanced at the rearview mirror as she was about to start the car and noticed Aaron seated at the

Aaron had at least seventy percent responsibility for causing her situation.

If not for him, she would not have rushed to seduce Gareth.

Thanks to him, her reputation was ruined, and she became the target of public criticism.

Aaron smiled. &34;There&39;s still a long way, Ms. Tabor. You&39;re not so cruel as to abandon me halfway,

He claimed it was halfway, but it was only ten to twenty minutes from KKCD Casino.

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