Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1511 Why Was Rachel Looking For You So Urgently?

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Nicole had the nerve to release such a video to slander Elisa when she knew Elisa had the original
footage. Nicole couldn&39;t blame Elisa for whatever she did next!

Rachel realized Elisa was silent and felt worried. &34;Liz, I&39;m talking to you! Did you hear me?&34;

&34;Mm. It&39;s not a problem.&34;

There was currently vicious public opinion against Elisa, and everyone cursed her miserably, but the
tide would turn. Nicole would receive the same consequences!

Rachel swore. &34;D*mn. I know this isn&39;t a problem for you. I also understand someone set you up, but
babe, this person has your face!&34;

Elisa smiled and consoled Rachel. &34;Don&39;t worry. I have a plan.&34;

Upon seeing Elisa so relaxed, Rachel stopped worrying.

But she was very concerned with Elisa&39;s return trip.

She was slightly impatient. &34;What does the stupid man want? Thomas has returned, so what are you
two still doing there? You&39;re also using his cell phone to call me back. Don&39;t tell me that you&39;re going to
remarry him!&34;

They were best friends, and Rachel would support Elisa in everything she did.

But she disagreed with Elisa about matters regarding Gareth.

Elisa had humbled herself immensely in the three years that they were married.

But what about Gareth?!

After Linda regained consciousness, he handed Elisa divorce papers without regard for her feelings.

Does he want to remarry Elisa now? Get lost!

Since he missed his opportunity with Elisa, he should give up!

Elisa was dumbfounded and confused.

&34;Why do you think so? Am I so dumb to you?&34;

&34;Heh.&34; A sneer appeared in the corners of Rachel&39;s mouth. &34;If you&39;re not dumb, why would you stay
with Gareth for those three years? And why would you run off to Moranta with Gareth to look for
Ganoderma Caligo?&34;

&34;Let me tell you. You shouldn&39;t care about Gareth&39;s stupid affairs at all!&34;

They kept getting entangled with each other. It was never-ending.

Of course, Elisa understood Rachel&39;s kind intentions.

She smiled. &34;Don&39;t worry. I won&39;t let such a thing happen again. This time, we were delayed by other
things. I estimate it&39;ll take around ten to fifteen days to solve.&34;

Rachel could clearly sense the exasperation in Elisa&39;s voice in the end.

Rachel didn&39;t say anything else. &34;Mm. Take it easy. For now, solve the public opinion blowing up


Elisa nodded. It was a piece of cake to her.

After hanging up, Elisa was about to return to her room.

But Gareth called after her.

His brows were raised and furrowed.

&34;What happened? Why was Rachel looking for you so urgently?&34;

Elisa&39;s face had suddenly darkened when she started talking.

He felt that Rachel had looked for Elisa because something critical had happened.

Elisa smiled and said, &34;It&39;s just a scoundrel doing something insignificant.&34;

&34;I&39;m leaving.&34;

After that, Elisa returned Gareth&39;s cell phone to the bedside table.

When Gareth saw Elisa&39;s demeanor, he knew she could solve it quickly.

He didn&39;t ask further.

He was injured and couldn&39;t move around easily, so he couldn&39;t help much.

The only thing he could do now was to rest well and not burden Elisa further.

Elisa returned to her room and turned on her laptop.

Nasty comments about her gradually came into view on various big domestic platforms…

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