Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1505 The Next Sunrise

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When she saw the man&39;s dark expression, she said, &34;I&39;m afraid even when I think of it now. Have you
never thought about all the possibilities of what could have happened? What if the shooter was more
accurate? Do you think you&39;ll be able to lie before me and say such things?&34;

&34;We&39;ve divorced. It&39;s my freedom to do what I want and look for anyone I want. You have no right to
interfere in my life. I want to tell you that regardless of our involvement with each other, we are living
beings. If it were anyone else, I wouldn&39;t have stayed still and watched them die either.&34;

Gareth only raised his brows slightly when faced with Elisa&39;s clear stance. He answered indifferently,

A faint smile seemed to be on the corners of his lips.

Just as Elisa was about to answer him, she heard Gareth ask her a question.

&34;If you would have done it for anyone else, why do you keep trembling even when you speak?&34;

And her hands. He clearly sensed her fingers trembling momentarily.

Just like she said, humans were living beings. They couldn&39;t be ruthless.

He was ignorant in the three years they were married. He didn&39;t observe her carefully or try to
understand her.

At that moment, he couldn&39;t express his feelings and emotions.

But the most noticeable part was how his chest felt. It was as though it were pinned by something

It felt stifling. It was even tough and uncomfortable to breathe.

The feeling was more noticeable when she spoke to Will on the phone.

Elisa was silent and kept quiet when she heard what Gareth said.

Did she feel that way at the moment?

But Elisa didn&39;t think that it was anything to be ashamed of.

She looked up.

&34;So what if I was trembling? Just like what you said, we were married. In any case, I used to genuinely
like you. Wouldn&39;t I turn to stone if I had no emotion left?&34;

&34;But our relationship was barely maintained in the three years we were married. Don&39;t raise your hopes
and make your family happy. Don&39;t think I will agree to reconcile with you just because of my subtle

Elisa made her stance clear.

She didn&39;t want to return to the past and be as stupid as she used to be.

Gareth denied it. &34;I never thought so. I just think that…&34;

But Elisa didn&39;t want to hear him talk any longer.

&34;Do whatever you like. It&39;s your problem. It&39;s late, and I&39;m tired of watching over you. If you can&39;t sleep,
count sheep. I&39;m going to sleep now!&34;

After that, Elisa got up and walked out.

People were keeping guard at the door. She instructed one of them and left.

Around seven in the morning.

Mr. North arrived.

He found out from the person on guard that Elisa had returned to her room.

The doctor wasn&39;t around, so Gareth should have been alone in his room.

It was an excellent opportunity for Mr. North.

But his collar was pulled viciously from the back before he could open the door.

After that, he was pushed to the side forcefully.

He felt pressure on his knees before he came to his senses.


He suddenly knelt on the floor.

At the same time, he saw clearly who was before him.

It was Winslow, his boss.

Winslow had a dark expression and was livid.

&34;What did I tell you? You shouldn&39;t lay a finger on Gareth. If you continue to have such thoughts, you
won&39;t live to see the next sunrise if I notice it.&34;

Winslow rebuked and warned Mr. North angrily.

No one was allowed to touch Gareth. It was undoubtedly because of Elisa.

If no one could lay a finger on him, did it mean that Gareth could continue committing crimes here?

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