Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1504 He's Out Of His Mind!

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This stupid man. He rarely reached a consensus with her. He persisted in his views and stuck to his

She wanted to berate him but restrained her anger when she saw him lying weakly in bed.

She pursed her lips and said, &34;If you were healthy now…&34;

&34;Am I currently paralyzed?&34; Before Elisa could finish speaking, Gareth interrupted her coldly.

His furrowed brows showcased his current feelings.

He didn&39;t like what Elisa said.

Elisa was startled.

She wanted to pummel him violently when she heard what he said.

Although she restrained herself, she couldn&39;t help but say, &34;I never said you were disabled. Gareth
Wickam, you know what I mean. Stop arguing with me for the sake of it!&34;

&34;You were shot and injured, and recovering will take a while. Even though you have good drug
tolerance, you must recuperate for at least ten to fourteen days in your current condition. Let me ask
you. If someone points a gun at you now, can you immediately get up and take the gun away from

Elisa&39;s intentions were clear.

He couldn&39;t deny that what Elisa said was true.

But the problem with it was that they were now in the casino.

The person behind the scenes had failed the first time. Could they still make a move a second time?


Elisa couldn&39;t believe it when she sensed Gareth&39;s thoughts.

If Winslow was there, she guessed he would have said something like, &34;Are you going to shamelessly
blame KKCD?&34;

Elisa shook her head and said, &34;Once your condition stabilizes, I will contact Thomas to send you back.
It&39;s not a long-term solution for you to stay here. Moreover, you shouldn&39;t be staying here.&34;

This was what Elisa thought.

She even had thoughts of releasing Aaron.

Gareth sensed her thoughts but didn&39;t point it out.

He said, &34;The drugs aren&39;t out of my system, and I took two bullets. If I return at such a critical moment,
aren&39;t you afraid…&34;

However, it made Elisa raise her brows. &34;What should I fear? Those people are targeting me, not you.
Anyway, hasn&39;t Thomas taken Ganoderma Caligo back with him?&34;

Thomas didn&39;t meet with any trouble when bringing it back.

Gareth was injured because he took the bullets for her.

Therefore, those people didn&39;t intend to target Gareth.

As for Aaron…

She decided to release him in the morning.

Gareth&39;s expression turned solemn. &34;I can&39;t leave if they&39;re targeting you. If an accident like this
happens to you again, at least I can stay with you and protect you, right?&34;

Gareth said it as a matter of fact.

Did this mean she could use him as a shield?

She knew Gareth was being kind, but she couldn&39;t do such a thing.

Her safety couldn&39;t be established by Gareth or anyone else getting into danger.

Gareth&39;s gaze turned cold when he saw Elisa silent.

&34;If you don&39;t want me to stay and help, are you thinking of asking Will to come over?&34;

Elisa was dumbfounded.

They were having a pleasant conversation. Why did Gareth drag Will into this?

Elisa initially felt slightly complicated and guilty toward him, but she never expected him to say such a
thing. Right now, she felt that Gareth was seriously out of his mind!

Elisa said, &34;Gareth, I&39;m very grateful that you took the bullets for me.&34;

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