Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1500 Passionately and Deeply in Love

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Eden was adopted. He wasn&39;t the true heir of his country.

What Irene wanted wasn&39;t love. It was power!

The middle-aged woman sized Irene up.

After a while, the middle-aged woman said coldly, &34;Since you don&39;t want to be with him, don&39;t
embarrass the royal family outside! If you continue doing as you please, the king won&39;t forgive you! If
that happens, don&39;t blame the eldest princess for not protecting you!&34;

Irene didn&39;t say anything but was sure of one thing in her heart.

She would only have the power she wanted when she sat on the throne.

Her people would pledge allegiance to her, and she would be all-powerful. She wouldn&39;t need anyone
to protect her!

Therefore, Eden stayed back.

Irene returned to her country,

Irene glanced at Eden before leaving.

But Eden didn&39;t pay any attention to her.

He had lost all desire to work together with Irene.

At that moment, he cared more about Elisa.

Therefore, he called her.

Elisa had a cold expression, and her heart sank when she saw it was a call from Eden.

&34;What&39;s your purpose?&34;

Eden called right after something had happened to Gareth. She wouldn&39;t believe it if this had nothing to
do with Eden.

Eden laughed lightly, and a malicious smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. &34;Pfft! What purpose do
I have? I missed you, so I called you. But you&39;re in luck. You found such a good patron to protect and
help you. You&39;ve already forgotten about me in just a few short hours. How can anyone be as ruthless
as you, Liz?&34;

Eden suddenly felt aggrieved as he spoke.

He didn&39;t mention his true purpose at all, nor did he bring up Gareth.

Elisa was baffled when she saw Gareth with his tightly shut eyes and pale face.

She recalled the past few times when Eden had faced her and Gareth angrily with a gun pointed at
them, but he had never pulled the trigger.

She was curious about his true motive.

She didn&39;t want to get entangled in too much nonsense with Eden.

Her face was icy. &34;Is Irene really trying to kill me? Eden, in any case, you&39;re the prince of Estoccia.
You&39;ve seen many tricks over the past few years, right? Stop pretending to be an onlooker! Why did
you and Irene appear around me?&34;

&34;Which identity of mine will benefit you?&34;

Elisa wasn&39;t in the mood and had lost her patience.

Eden knew how intelligent Elisa was. If it went on, it wouldn&39;t be long until Elisa found out the truth!

But it wouldn&39;t be fun to let her know now.

Eden pretended to be clueless and at a loss. Instead, he questioned her. &34;If you don&39;t know, how would
I know?&34;

&34;Eden, I don&39;t have the strength to talk nonsense with you. Was it you or Irene who tried to kill me in
KKCD?&34; Elisa wrinkled her brows. Her eyes were pitch black and shrewd.

She would never have asked him these questions if Eden hadn&39;t called her.

But Eden had called her.

Furthermore, investigating him wasn&39;t as fast as asking him personally!

But Eden denied it flatly. &34;You know what situation Irene and I are in. We&39;re exiled. How can we be
capable of arranging for people to kill you? Moreover, I like you so much. How can I bear to kill you?&34;

When Eden said it, he looked passionately and deeply in love.

But how could Elisa believe him?

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