Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1494 Hold On!

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Gareth suddenly groaned dully.

Elisa was stunned.

D*mn it!

She didn&39;t care about anything else and held Gareth tightly. Her expression was complicated. &34;Hold

How can KKCD let that person go? The people that Elisa had called over immediately scattered and
started searching. They didn&39;t miss a single corner.

The mass movement lured Winslow out of the room.

When he opened the door, he saw Elisa pinned to the floor by Gareth with his arms around her neck.

Just as Winslow was about to do something, Elisa quickly got up.

Men and women had different strengths. It seemed very strenuous for her to pull Gareth up.

But she was afraid the hidden shooter would shoot again while they were unprepared, so she could
only drag Gareth into a room. At this time, she noticed Winslow at the side.

At that moment, it was as though she saw her savior. &34;Uncle Winslow, quickly help me…&34;

Her voice was hoarse.

As for Gareth, his face was pale, and he had a deep frown.

Winslow saw the blood-soaked spots on Gareth&39;s chest and arm. He also smelled the strong scent of
blood permeating the air.

Gareth was severely hurt. He couldn&39;t have been putting on an act.

Winslow had a solemn expression and immediately went forward to help. They quickly helped Gareth
to the room and lay him on the couch.

Elisa didn&39;t think much. She immediately half-knelt on the floor, so it was convenient for her to check
Gareth&39;s injuries. But her posture immediately made Winslow&39;s expression turn nasty.

She had previously expressed clearly that she wouldn&39;t be involved with Gareth, but her subconscious
reaction still prioritized Gareth!

As for Gareth…

His gaze, everything that had happened today, his severe injuries, and how Elisa was unharmed made
everything clear.

The two just needed a breakthrough!

Winslow wrinkled his brows slightly. After thinking, he said in a low voice, &34;Liz, there&39;s a doctor in the
casino. I can get…&34;

&34;Uncle Winslow, I can deal with this. And I&39;ve looked at him. In his current condition, I need to
immediately take the bullets out of him to stop the bleeding!&34;

Before Winslow could finish speaking, Elisa interrupted him. Her voice was urgent, but she didn&39;t notice

Winslow didn&39;t say anything else.

Even though he hadn&39;t spent much time with Elisa, he understood her temperament well. She wouldn&39;t
easily change her mind regarding things she had decided.

And as her uncle, he had to quickly help her.

He immediately instructed people to bring and prepare equipment, instruments, and medicine.

He even instructed the doctor in the casino to act as Elisa&39;s assistant. Although the doctor was
displeased, he didn&39;t dare to say anything because it was Winslow&39;s order.

After Winslow finished arranging everything, he made room for them and left.

Three minutes later, Winslow entered a room.

Someone stood respectfully next to him and reported to him. &34;Boss, the shooter behind the scenes
shot himself. His identity is unknown. No identifying documents or cell phone were on him.&34;

A cold smile was in the corners of Winslow&39;s mouth. &34;If there weren&39;t any identifying documents,
investigate. Could he have appeared out of thin air? Investigate Eden, Irene, Mr. Carrerra, and the
Fawler family!&34;

Since Elisa had come to Moranta, these people were always around her, especially Eden and Irene.
Their intentions were clear.

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