Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1492 Hidden Motives

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Since Gareth had said such things, he certainly wouldn&39;t stay back shamelessly.

But Gareth said to Elisa, &34;Elisa, come with me. I have to make certain things clear to you. And you&39;ve
started treating me. You&39;re not going to give up halfway, are you?&34;

Upon hearing it, Elisa was quiet and didn&39;t say anything.

But her feet moved, and her actions spoke for themselves.

Winslow knew he couldn&39;t stop her, so he could only arrange for his other subordinates to follow her.
After all, those people would constantly watch over her in her current situation.

When Elisa approached Gareth, her hand immediately fell on Gareth&39;s pulse.

The medicine remnants in his body were still evident, but his pulse was much more tense than when he
was poisoned.

Elisa furrowed her brows and regarded him with disdain. &34;If you follow Thomas back to the country, at
least he can make up my prescription if anything happens to you.&34;

Although other people could also do it, they were in a foreign land, and Thomas had made up her
prescription for Gareth several times.

Gareth frowned and looked solemn. &34;Elisa, you have your opinion, and I have my thoughts. I can&39;t
abandon my principles.&34;


Elisa was amused when she heard what he said. &34;I don&39;t understand. What kind of a principle are you
sticking to by staying?&34;

&34;If you&39;re saying I helped you, didn&39;t you also help me a few times? And I&39;ve clarified that I&39;m helping
with Ganoderma Caligo for Grandma.&34;

Elisa had a solemn attitude when she spoke.

But speaking of the devil, she received a call from Julia.

Like in the past, Julia called Elisa&39;s cell phone and asked politely, &34;Liz, you lost touch with me again.
How are you? Are you okay?&34;

&34;How is the brat, Gareth? Why haven&39;t you two sent me any news? Your Grandpa and I are getting
worried at home!&34;

As Julia spoke, she sighed heavily. Her despair and worry were particularly obvious.

Elisa was slightly exasperated.

But she had turned on the loudspeaker immediately after she answered the call.

She gestured for Gareth to speak.

He understood and quickly said, &34;We&39;re doing good. I&39;ve instructed Thomas to return first. Liz and I will

stay back. We still have things to do.&34;

Julia had deliberately called Elisa to bring her and Gareth closer together, and Julia was now hearing
Gareth&39;s voice.

Her eyes lit up immediately, and she said happily, &34;I see. It&39;s alright if you&39;re busy. Don&39;t forget to call in
the meantime. I have to attend the wedding of your distant cousin in a week. Can you make it back in

Julia was asking about their schedule.

Elisa answered bluntly yet tactfully. &34;Grandma, we can&39;t make it back. Moreover, it&39;s the wedding of
Gareth&39;s distant cousin. With me and Gareth&39;s current relationship, who am I to attend the wedding?&34;

Gareth wouldn&39;t attend his distant cousin&39;s wedding, so why should Elisa attend?

Julia had hidden motives.

She turned stern. &34;If an old woman like me doesn&39;t comment about your relationship with Gareth, what
can they say? If they dare to gossip, I won&39;t go!&34;

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