Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1490 It Serves Him Right!

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The man Brie had just knocked to the floor climbed up, and Winslow kicked him viciously again.

After that, Winslow turned and glanced at Elisa and Brie.

They quickly understood and followed.

Damian knew that anything he said was useless at such a critical juncture.

But he wouldn&39;t give up his intentions of asking Elisa to treat him!

&34;Go and tell my brother that if he wants Aaron to survive, he shouldn&39;t make any more trouble at this
crucial moment!&34; Damian said coldly to the man, who left with his subordinates.

Winslow consoled Elisa on the way back. &34;There&39;s nothing wrong if you insist on not treating him. Don&39;t
give in because of me. Although we&39;ve known each other for years, certain things won&39;t be as simple
once profit is involved.&34;

Winslow seemed very aloof at the end.

He meant that he could be both good friends and enemies with Damian.

However, it was better to have Winslow as a friend instead of an enemy.

Even though Winslow didn&39;t care about this, Elisa didn&39;t want their friendship ruined because of her.

&34;Uncle Winslow, I know you&39;re protecting me. I&39;ve said all I&39;ve wanted to. Don&39;t worry. I have my

principles. I don&39;t want you to make an enemy because of me.&34;

She could tell that Winslow treated her well during this time, and she took note of it.

It didn&39;t mean she was cold and heartless, even if she didn&39;t say anything.


Winslow nodded. He was pleased with Elisa&39;s boldness, determination, and perseverance.

They returned to the casino.

Elisa wanted to look for Gareth, and Winslow didn&39;t stop her.

At the same time, he wanted Gareth to immediately let Mr. North go.

Elisa was quite indifferent when she saw Gareth being detained. She even rolled her eyes at him when
their gazes met.

She had warned him earlier, but he didn&39;t listen.

It served him right now that he was faced with such a situation!

But before Elisa could say anything, Winslow spoke up first. &34;Are you going to let Mr. North go?&34;

Although Winslow didn&39;t say much, the rage in his eyes was unmistakable.

Elisa also glanced at Gareth.

But Gareth said indifferently, &34;It&39;s not that I&39;m unwilling to return him. I have no time to attend to other
things simultaneously.&34;

Since Winslow had seen through his identity, he couldn&39;t keep detaining Mr. North.

Furthermore, he didn&39;t have any ill feelings toward Winslow. Now that Gareth was detained here, he
would be in dire straits if he insisted on detaining Mr. North.

He understood his current circumstance.

Elisa figured out his intentions as well.

But she didn&39;t say anything. She only glared at Gareth fiercely.

He was discovered and detained. Isn&39;t this what the stupid man deserves?

She had arranged everything for him, but he was unwilling to leave. He had wanted to stay. After that,
he even concocted a plan regarding Mr. North.

He had gone beyond his capabilities.

However, Winslow interrupted Elisa&39;s thoughts. He said coldly to Gareth, &34;Where did you lock him up?&34;

Winslow didn&39;t plan on letting Gareth go to set Mr. North free. Winslow wanted to personally arrange for
his people to free Mr. North.

Gareth didn&39;t hide it. He said honestly, &34;In an underground room in the villa.&34;

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