Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1482 Did You Come Up With This Together?

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But to Winslow, this was Elisa&39;s subconscious feelings and concern for Gareth.

He didn&39;t understand. &34;Do you like Gareth so much?&34;

Elisa&39;s heart suddenly tightened.

At first, she didn&39;t understand why her uncle would ask her such a question.

Until she saw his dark and stormy expression.

Elisa suddenly realized something and pursed her lips. &34;Have you noticed, Uncle Winslow?&34;

Although her voice was uncertain, she was sure.

This made Winslow suddenly look at Elisa.

His gaze seemed slightly disappointed.

&34;Did you two come up with the idea for Gareth to do this?&34;

&34;No. It was Gareth&39;s idea.&34; Elisa quickly denied it.

She couldn&39;t deny everything Winslow had done for her after he discovered she was his niece.

What would it seem like if she was really working with Gareth?

She was afraid Winslow wouldn&39;t believe her, so she explained. &34;I only realized when he appeared
today. I advised him to leave, but he didn&39;t listen.&34;

Elisa pursed her lips and kept quiet after that.

&34;Brie, drive.&34;

Winslow instructed Brie. He chose to believe Elisa.

He understood Elisa&39;s personality after interacting a few times.

Perhaps she didn&39;t believe the blood relation between them.

Maybe she thought he was deliberately faking it, so she took advantage of the situation for her benefit.

Winslow accepted it when he thought of it.

He told Elisa, &34;If you don&39;t believe me and think I&39;m lying, we can go to the hospital now.&34;

So she could personally witness everything and believe it.

However, Elisa shook her head.

She said, &34;If we weren&39;t related, you wouldn&39;t need to treat me so well. Uncle Winslow, I&39;ve seen
everything you did and know you treat me well. I&39;m not a hypocrite. As for Gareth… I will think of a way
to get rid of him.&34;

Elisa&39;s expression was exceptionally determined at the end. This was a promise from her.

Winslow smiled. His expression had relaxed.

He said, &34;If Gareth was willing to leave, would he still put on an act?&34;

At the end of the day, Gareth was unwilling to leave, so he thought of doing such a thing.

However, Winslow disliked Gareth.

Winslow pursed his lips. &34;I don&39;t know how your parents met, but I&39;m sure of this. They wouldn&39;t have
gotten married if she didn&39;t decide independently and did what the family wanted her to.&34;

&34;You and Gareth have a failed marriage. I don&39;t want you to fall for him again. Moreover, there&39;s no way
you&39;ll be single for the rest of your life. I can help you look for appropriate candidates,&34; Winslow said.

As the boss of KKCD Casino, he had power and status. How could exceptional men not be interested
in his niece?

However, she had no expectations of love.

If she did, Will would be her best choice.

When she thought of Will, she recalled his concern when he contacted her.

She would return to her country after investigating what her uncle had said.

Elisa shook her head. &34;Uncle Winslow, thank you for your kind intentions, but a relationship between
two people shouldn&39;t be forced. I have no intentions of doing such things at the moment.&34;

She had to discover the truth and manage her career.

A failed marriage had made her realize that men were only an obstacle on the path to success.

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